Home Again! (For Now Anyway)

Whew, this has been a super busy month already. After the week in San Francisco, I had to make a mostly unplanned trip to Arizona to deal with some family matters. I will leave this off as my mother’s increasing dementia making me feel trapped in an episode of “Hoarders” and really overwhelmed for a bit.

But, on a brighter note, I did get my giant Opus tile finished, as Gridiculous as it is. (Gridiculous is the name Jenni Perruzzi has given her Zencil system to line out Opus-sized tiles. You can find this on etsy.) I had a few openings still left when this week’s Diva Challenge (#234) was issued, for a UMT (Use My Tangle) by Chris Titus for her tangle CanT. Of course, I felt the need to include it on my all grid based tangle project, and kill 2 birds with one stone!


Of course, Opus is a larger tile, so this took a while. If you want to do one of your own, I will be teaching this as a class on September 26th.

I have to get back to the unpacking and get ready for a class tonight. My month of travels is still ongoing, as I get ready to head to Tangle Island in Canada next week. (I have never been to Canada…this is super exciting for me.)

Oh, and I fixed the glitch in my etsy store. I finally got the postage issues straightened out, and the ordering works fine now.

Stay Crazy My Friends (and join me on MeetUp and my Facebook page when you get a chance!)

10 thoughts on “Home Again! (For Now Anyway)

  1. I do like your tile and the butterfly is great in it. I will do what you asked in you mail in the weekend, I’m quite busy at the moment (who had thought so, being busy after retiring).

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  2. I love your Gridiculous with the butterfly! This is the Zentangle version of an old time framed sampler. What a great idea, and your tangles in it are so beautiful! Hope you get some time to settle down and relax a bit before your next jaunt. What is with the Canadian tanglers? They are the most fun group ever! Have an excellent time in Canada!


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