Keep It Simple

As I sit here in LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) typing this, I had this resonating in my mind. keep it simple. That was my mantra this week. While I overpacked my art supplies for this trip to Tangle Island 2015, and may have under packed my clothing, I really have a feeling of peace that I have everything I need. 

That was my theme for this week’s Diva Challenge (#235) as well. Our task this week was Stripes as a string. I had some cut watercolor paper left from another project, and noticed my Twinkling H2O’s on my work bench, so I painted a border and stripes. I also just got a Rotring Isograph pen I wanted to try, so I used that.  I think it came out pretty cool, but simple. 

Diva #235
I seem to have been pretty productive this week. I also finished some AT. Tiles for a swap in a FaceBook group.  

ATC Swap - ABC
And last Saturday, I hosted my September Special, Patriot Tangles, at the shop. We learned a couple new tangles and did this cool mixed media collage.

Patriot Canvas 1
And not satisfied with just the one, I had prepped a 2nd canvas while I was experimenting, and tangled that too!

Patriot Canvas 2
We have lots of fun classes coming up, so be sure to join us if you can!

That’s all for now, off to Vancouver!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

12 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. I love your Diva Challenge stripe tile. It is so soothing, somehow! Pretty tangles offset by open stripes – wonderful! Your ATCs are just lovely! I envy your energy to tackle those, as each one is a little showcase of your personality. That’s like going through therapy! Your denim tangle on the bottom blows me away! So perfect! What did you use for the creamy colored parts?

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    1. The lighter colors are a combination of chalk pencil and silver distress paint, which caused me MUCH distress when it leaked on my nearly finished 8×10 piece! I covered it with some Tipple and now even I can’t tell. Lol


  2. awesome tiles, is that one really on denim??? I was going to stop by the shop today, but I’ll come down again, when you get back home, have fun and see you soon.

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