Tripping Around Tripoli

The December schedule is up at the shop. I’ve included lots of times for making its and ornament, and a new series of Kumihimo classes that you can make some wonderful gifts with.

We had our first Mandala Monday this week. Lauren and I will be team teaching, taking turns leading a Mandala exploration each month. I led this month, with freeform Mandalas. We learned to grow them from a seed in the middle, which is pretty cool.

Mandala-Freeform on Papyrus

I did mine on a piece of papyrus with the Fudenosuke brush pen and Gelly Roll Glaze.

Next month, Lauren will be teaching her Mandala technique on rocks! Be sure to join us on Monday, December 21, from 6-9. $25 studio fee plus materials.

We also had some fun with Fall Colors this last weekend, exploring the Tints on Tan technique.

ToT - Leaf ATC

There is still time to get in on this fun class, as I have another abbreviated version on Monday, November 23, from 6-9 pm. Includes ALL your materials!

Ok…I’m the first to admit that Tripoli isn’t usually my favorite tangle. But, since the Diva (#244) says use it, I use it. (She’s so mean!) I took a couple of shots at it…First in my Creativity Planner. (Pardon the bleed through, I changed pens this week when I found the MicroPerm was doing this…using the Acurit Waterproof in my planner now.)

Diva #244-1

Then on an ATC I had colored with Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts with a Japanese calligraphy brush pen.

Diva #244-2

And then on the funky chalkboard painted ornament. I used mostly Sakura Decorese on this, but tried the PenTouch too (on the Printemps.)

Diva #244-3


I know it was a bit of a trying week for everyone around the world, with all the chaos and calamity, but I find a lot of peace in mediating in my journal. This is what happened this week.


And, just so he doesn’t feel left out…Bailey decided to ride around on my shoulder most of the evening a few days ago. To put this into perspective…he weighs 15 pounds…

Shoulder Cat

So Namas’cray my friends. Hug your neighbor and keep peace in your hearts.



Some Gave All (And Just a Little More)

I sit here writing this on Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) and it makes me think about a lot of things. Most of my readers/followers know I spent a good amount of my life in the Military (Navy 1981-85, Army 1985-1993 and 2005-2012) and around the same (Dad served from 1952-1974.) Between me, my dad, and my grandfather, we have covered every war and conflict since World War II. I cannot begin to tell you what this means to me.

Daddy in Vietnam

Daddy in Vietnam.


Me, with the Multinational Force and Observers in Sinai, Egypt.

I learned a new technique this week at our San Diego Tangle Club…Found and Tangled. You basically repurpose book pages into new poetry and tangle on them (look for a class on this after the first of the year!) This page from Dante’s Inferno called my name, and was a fitting tribute to my brothers and sisters in arms.

Found and Tangled 1

And if you are in the Temecula area, I have a monthly free Zentangle class for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members. 3rd Wednesday of the month (November 18th this month). You must pre-register, and seating is limited to 10 free students (and your guests will receive a $10 discount.) (951) 972-3015 or

So this week’s Diva Challenge (#243) was to give “Just a Taste”…tangle a little bit. This is REALLY hard to do! Some things you just keep wanting more and more of! So, in order to limit myself a bit, I used a black tile. Cyme (Zentangle) and Heartswell (Helen Williams).

Diva #243

Join us on MeetUp. I have a new Monthly rotation coming up, Mandala Monday. 3rd Monday of the month, we will explore different mandala techniques.

The December schedule will be finalized later this week. Late November and December focus will be on making gifts and ornaments (using Zentangle and a variety of other methods.) Here is a bit of a teaser:

Glass Ornament

Namas’-cray my friends…stay crazy!

Gourding Along

So…it is only Wednesday! And here I am!

I was on the verge of a major depressive episode yesterday. I haven’t been feeling too good, and it just happens that way sometimes. Not sleeping, etc. and it starts a cycle. But…I put pen to paper…or stick to scratch paper…a number of times yesterday, and managed to thwart it. I love that Zentangle works that way.

I rarely practice tangles before I do them on a tile, but for this week’s Diva Challenge (#242) using the new Official Zentangle tangle Gourdgeous I felt the need to try it out. Just used my fountain pen that I use in my planner (neat Creativity Planner from Kim Anderson at The Purple O on etsy.)

Gourdgeous Planner

So I felt pretty good about it…and was cleaning off my desk and found the stack of Scratch and Sketch Artist’s Tiles on my desk that I had not previously tried…and gave that a go. They are a bit hard to photo, and they definitely don’t scan well.

Gourdgeous Scratcher

So I continued on…doesn’t’ this look like it would make a great pumpkin? I am in Fall mode  now that the weather is finally cool enough to wear long pants (although in Southern California, it feels like we skipped directly from Summer in the 90’s to Winter in the 50’s overnight!) So pumpkin it was! Still on a bender with my Derwent Tinted Charcoals.

Diva #242 - 1

As I was finishing this up, I glanced up at the walls at the shop, and realized it is absolutely covered in Gourdgeous! Panel curtains from Ikea, rather breaks up a really LONG wall!

Gourdgeous Walls

So that’s all my Gourdy stuff for the week!

I spent a good amount of time doing some arranging at the shop yesterday, and have some great trinkets ready for Christmas shopping. Journals, ceramics, jewelry (some hand made by me, some hand made in Peru), and ornaments.  I will be running some specials on Small Business Saturday if you are in the area and looking for neat gifts and art supplies for giving!

Shop Trinkets 1

Shop Trinkets 2

And don’t forget, we have Buttercream cookie class coming up next week!

Cookie Flyer

Namas’cray for now! (The crazy in me recognizes and honors the crazy in you!)