And the Week Just Flies By!

This past, and this next, are probably the busiest weeks I’ve have in some time. We had a trip to San Francisco (planned months in advance) that we just returned from last night. Just shy of a week on the road, doing something we don’t normally do (drive,) we had some fun along the way (an overnight in Santa Cruz and a Giants game,) and were able to celebrate the life and passing of Mike’s beautiful sister, Marie, who would have been 60 this past Saturday. We were able to scatter her ashes in the Bay, and on the hill behind the house she grew up in, and it was the most beautiful day weather-wise, and she would have loved it.

Santa Cruz

20150827 Giants Game

Bay View of SF

This week, the Diva has RETURNED form her well deserved vacation, and #233 is for Zenith! Zenith is the newest “official” tangle, and it makes a great border. I did this cutie with the Bijou inserted.

Diva #233

Since I didn’t get my post up for last week’s Diva Challenge (#232, with Holly Atwater as the guest Diva,) here it is! I chose to do the Betweed portion, and I plan on going back to do the meditations later (again…busy week!)

Diva #232

And  I made the news this week! There was a pretty cool article in 2 of the local papers here this week, complete with my picture.

I also started a MeetUp Group…so if you are in the area, join us there, I will be announcing class times and free meets on there as well as here on the blog.

That’s it for now…I have to get back to the laundry so I can repack to leave for Arizona on Thursday. This little unplanned trip came up a week or so back when it was decided that my mom needs to live where she can be supervised. For now, that is with my brother and sister-in-law, in Arizona. So, I am headed out to help close up the house and get it ready to sell. And it’s hot….

Stay Crazy My Friends!

13 thoughts on “And the Week Just Flies By!

  1. Wow, I’m in the presence of greatness here, Miss Famous! Nice newspaper writeup! You have been busy with all your travels! Sad to read about Marie at 60 – very young from my perspective. Even with all you are doing, you managed to turn out some exceptional work! I love the Zenith-bordered Bijou. It looks like a rare bird! Have fun in Arizona – temps are supposed to moderate for a few days so you should manage just fine.

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