My First Week at My New Job!

So this was the first full week at my new “job” as the sole proprietor of CharKat’s Creative Insanity. I never realized there was so much work involved in being a legitimate business!

So far, I have filed a Fictitious Business Name Statement, advertised said statement in the newspaper, applied for a city business license and home use permit, and scoped out a possible place to have classes. Which brings me to my biggest hurdle…finding classroom space that I can afford!

I have also fleshed out the web site a bit, with class descriptions for what I plan to offer, and did some really neat brochures to  hand out.

And that brings us to this week’s Diva Challenge…#219: “Straight Lines all the Tines…er, times.” I figured if all my lines had to be straight, I should do this on a round tile. So I selected one of the cool hand-dyed tiles I purchased from fellow CZT Caren Mlot at TangleU, the uber cool template from Ann E. Grasso, and my favorite mini ruler from Charles Williams, and strung up what I thought was a pretty cool string.


I have to say, I am rather pleased with the result. And before you go poo-poo-ing my use of dots….they are one dimensional lines. Other than the Signo UM-153 silver dots, it was just me and my Micron (and a touch of graphite in the straight line areas.)

Diva #219

And I am still playing catch up, a little…this is the last one from recent Diva Challenges, it was #217, which was Laura’s Birthday challenge…Bunzo vs. Dex. This is on GarzaPapel 300 gsm water color paper, which I had previously stained with hibiscus tea. I worked it with a soft tip Tombow Japanese calligraphy pen, because the surface was a bit bumpy.

Diva #217

And this weeks Square One: Purely Zentangle (on FaceBook) was Purk. “If there’s a Purk in your Fengle, don’t be alarmed now…it’s just a Zinger left from last week.” (I often hear song lyrics in my head while I am tangling…pretty bizarre, but very much a part of my sense of humor and being a rocker chick.)

Square One - Purk

That’s it for now. Getting ready to hit to road to Texas for a couple days. Have a wedding to go to, if the floods don’t carry us all away first!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

One Door Closes…Another One Opens

It’s been a hectic last couple of weeks at Casa Fortanas and the home of CharKat’s Creative Insanity.

I guess the first thing you will notice is that I have a new domain and blog. I’m very excited to have my own name…I feel like I have arrived!

Next, I am DONE with school. I graduated last Sunday, and I could not be more at peace with myself. And now on to bigger and better things. As soon as I secure some space, I will be offering classes (yay) and I am thinking they may be small and in my home studio for a while until that happens. I have busy as a beaver this week, getting a tax ID, business license, fictitious name thing, etc…long and arduous process!

In the mean time, here is your weekly Diva Challenge update. This week, the prompt was White on Black or Found. In the interest of time, I picked a black tile. Very not my favorite thing. I struggle with the white pen on occasion, but this time it seemed to flow pretty well. I am pleased.

Diva #218

Let’s do a little Diva Catch Up while we are at it…This was #213, which had the prompt to Trace an Object. I did this tracing right before I went to TangleU in Santa Fe, and it was actually a pair of scissors in my kitchen. This was pretty organic after being in New Mexico and taking a cool class on making offrendas (offerings for day of the dead or Dia de los Muertos.) It is on some really cool Fabriano Medioevalis paper and colored with Gelly Roll Pens and Tombow markers.

Diva #213

Diave #216 was UMT: Brella by CZT Bunny Wright. Went a little plain on this…was trying out some new pen acquisitions…not a bad try…but something a little plain, nonetheless.

Diva #216

Have a few new Square One: Purely Zentangle (Facebook Group) to share, I thought they were neat…The top one is Zinger and the bottom one is Cubine.

Square One - Zinger Square One - Cubine

And…You know I could not graduate without decorating my cap!

Grad Cap

That’s all for now. Please stalk (er…follow) me here at the new place. I should be getting things more together soon!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

Welcome in…It’s all NEW!!!

While I am working my way through getting caught up…Here’s what you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  • Class Schedules (yay! Finally!)
  • Class Descriptions (yay…again…Finally!)
  • My new Tangle Pattern – Heartburn

And a whole lot of confusion on my part as I continue to get this set up.

In the meantime…bear with me. And Stay Crazy My Friends!