Diva Challenge #173 – Redux


It has been a busy week. Since coming back from Providence, I have been cleaning and purging the studio, and OCD’ing on some YouTube Videos for Faux Leather Journals I have so man ideas and things swimming around in my head, its been difficult to wrap my brain around any one thing for very long, making it *VERY* difficult to sit down and tangle.

This week’s challenge from the Diva came from guest poster, Sharla Hicks. This initially struck fear in me, as Sharla is my mentor, my idol, and such a wonderful artist. Her tasking was to take your “go-to” tangle and rethink it. Re-imagine it. Use it some way you have not.

I have a couple favorites that do intimate themselves in a few things. When I am pressed and just want to color, I squiggle a line and Stripe away at it. I’ve only used Stripes as a focal, usually a monotangle. So here, I used it as a border. It came out…interesting. For the inside, I did a bit of a study in ING, Hollibaugh Style. While working that out, I found that if you start both sides from the same end, it makes a completely different pattern than starting from opposite ends.

For a different angle on tan, I worked on the Strathmore Toned Tan, but instead of brown, I used blue, and the Indigo chalk pastel. The N’zepple pearls that kind of glow? pencil shaded then colored in with Zenstone. Neat shading technique…makes it shiny.

Oh…and lastly, I always work pretty small…even on bigger paper (this is 9 x 6 isn) so I went big here…Bigified it!

Here is the Stripes I did while I was recently in the San Antonio Airport for 8 hours (gotta love flying standby.)

Still working on re-doing my blog page. I guess I’m going to have to go in and edit it by hand to get what I really want.

Stay Crazy my Friends!

Diva #172…and a taste of CZT 14!


We got home from Providence late last night, and I had to meet with my Quilts of Valor group this morning since I missed the last meeting while I was on holiday. That being said, I still need to do my Spanish homework and decompress a little before I can get much on the blog.

While I was at the CZT course, we learned Auraknot, so I tossed some Mooka’s on it and called it a Diva!

I promise to post much more about CZT next week. It was such an overwhelming experience, and I met a plethora of totally cool people (and even got help with my Spanish from Anna and Maria!)

Here’s a little tidbit…Flyboy went with me, so we got our picture with Rick and Maria in the ultra cool Zentangle Frame.

Diva Challenge #171 – Beads of Courage/Marie Strong!

So…this post finds me in Central Florida (Sarasota) visiting my sister-in-law, Marie, on my way to CZT on Sunday.

Laura’s challenge this week was almost fortuitous. Marie is dealing with a serious illness, and she is the strongest person I have ever met. Her attitude is so good. For everything she has been through, and is going through, she is always upbeat and positive. She loves her Red Sox (I’ll forgive her for that) and recently got to meet David Ortiz when they were here for Spring Training.

So this week, I dedicate my “Beads of Courage” to Marie.

I used my Derwent Metallic pencils, and of course, the famous glitter pen.