Diva Challenge #164 – Celebrate Earth

This weeks challenge from the Diva was to celebrate Earth Day. And I swore after last week, I would not do another larger tile, but that Strathmore Toned Tan paper was calling my name…

So, I am still a little stuck on the Rixty from last week, so I started off with that. Man symbolized in the middle, with the other 4 elements (earth, air, fire, and water.)

Pens used: Brown and Sepia Micron, red, green and blue Gelly Roll, and white Signo uni-ball (UM-153.) I really like the crisper white line from the Signo, but it raises a bit and makes it hard to shade. As always, my trusty General’s Pastel Chalk pencils. They are crazy easy to use, and blend really well.

Diva Challenge #163…Rixties in Pink!

Ok…yes…its punny. (Pretty in Pink…Rixties in Pink…whatever.)

This one I worked on a 6 x 6 in Sakura Gelly Roll Black & Pink 06, General Pastel Chalk in Pink and White, and General’s Layout Pencil in Extra Black (My go-to shader…very black.)

I think this is my first real monotangle…I like it…but it may be a while before I entertain any pink paper again. This paper was rather…toothy, and I had to switch to the Gelly Roll because the Micron wan’t making nice lines on it. Anyone looking at the back of my more experimental work like this, with color, will see all the pen tests, pencil tests, watercolor tests…you have to do this to find the right combos…I think it works pretty good.

I am The Diva Challenge #162

I think I’ve had a breakthrough…finally.

This weeks challenge was to use your initials as the string. I used just my CK…and used all tangles with C or K (well…except for Purk and Zinger.)

This is one of the first tiles I’ve done I’m truly happy with. Seems like I do better without a set string, and without assigned tangles. I take a little longer, but I think I am much happier with the results.

My First Diva Challenge…its a Quandry!

Whew…ok…its been a while.

This week, I tried my hand at a new challenge. I am the diva (http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com) hosts a weekly challenge on her blog. I have been a bit intimidated by it, because it’s not as structured as the ones I have been doing. Add to that, I seem to be a bit string-phobic. I seem to do a lot of my Zentangle┬« work without a string.

So that being said, this was a bit tough. I had bought a packet of pre-strung tiles a while back, and have never used any of them. So I closed my eyes and picked one.

I am the diva Challenge #161 was to use the tangle Quandry. This is a bit of a particularly hard one, so I practiced it a bit and watched a couple videos on youtube. That seemed to make it a bit easier, but still not the best one I’ve done.

It’s a little weird, but I like it!
Stay Crazy!