Sometimes, You Just Have to Walk Away…

Right before I left on my fabulous vacation back in September, I was wearing my super cool Tangle Me Crazy Lotus Mandala t-shirt.


I stopped in at my favorite Japanese market (Myrukai) to pick up dinner and a few groceries on my way back from our very fun Tangle By the Bay retreat. One of those grocery items was my favorite radish kimchi. Well…apparently on the trip home, it got a little shook up. And being a fermented food, it was seeping a little from the pressure in the bottle…and when I opened it (over the sink, of course!) it exploded…all over my t-shirt.

Now…I had planned on taking that t-shirt with me to show off to the European CZT’s at our meet up in Cookham, UK. So I pre-treated it, and washed it…still stained…I did it again…still stained…and one more time…still stained. In utter frustration, I doused it liberally with Spray and Wash stain remover and threw it in the laundry room sink. I was very sad.

So nearly 3 weeks passed, and when we unpacked after the trip, I found myself with a mountain of laundry to do (although we did some it at the laundry mat in Venice…how cool is that?) So I see the shirt in the sink, pick it up, and low and behold, the stains are GONE!

I guess the point here is, If you do the right thing, with the passage of time, everything comes out all right. And…if you want a cool t-shirt like mine, click here…you can buy them at my shop!

Ok, enough of my travails. What you are really here for is to see pretty things!

This week’s Diva Challenge (#290) is a duo tangle of Flux and N’zepple. I love both tangles, and decided to use Flux as my container. And I was being fall-ish with the Renaissance Tan tile (or lazy, because that was what was in my bag and I did not feel like walking upstairs to get a white one…lol.)


And since I didn’t get a post done last week, here is the Leafy Goodness that is Diva Challenge #289!


I am really loving combining quilling with Zentangle. They go together so well. I will be doing a special Christmas quilling design class in December, so be on the look out for that!

We are also up to Gothic Calligraphy at the shop this month, with an ongoing series being taught by Risa Gettler. I was playing around whilst practicing my letters the other day, and playing with Hannah Geddes’ Mandala Template. And this happened.


Well…I couldn’t just leave it like that…and I had a clock I had disassembled in the shop that needed a new face. So now it turned into this:


So long Sons of Anarchy clock…lol.

I did not realize how busy I have been these past 2 weeks until I started writing my post. I started a purge and organize campaign both here at the home studio and the shop, trying to make things more accessible and easier to find. (that, is a long story all of its own!)

I made it through my entire fabric stash so far, dumped all the fabrics I had been holding onto for costuming and what-not, and organized my quilting stash. Emptied out the little used filing cabinet for the bigger pieces.


And folded all the fat quarters into an ArtBin Super Satchel. That felt really GOOD!

And not to be left out, I finally found a container to get all my Gelly Roll Pens in one place.


I will contain this mess!

AND…lastly…I have a pineapple guava tree in my backyard that I planted 3 years ago that has never fruited, until this year. I was blessed with an abundance of fruit, more than we could possibly eat before it spoiled, so I found a recipe and made chutney out of it.


And you cannot have a great chutney without some curry to go with it!


Yum! (and, it was pretty healthy homemade!)

Speaking of healthy, I am walking my fish this week…(Pokemon Go thing…it amuses me.)


And now I need to get back to work…Stay Crazy My Friends!

Home Again, Home Again

So, I started writing this week from 30,000 feet (although I won’t post it until we land!) It’s been a lovely vacation, but I am excited to be going home. 

We have had a grand adventure, made some new friends, reconnected with old ones, and made memories that will last us forever. It makes me thankful for all the people and good things I have in my life. And it turns out, this past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, so that was pretty timely! The weather has finally turned a corner here, hopefully for the season, and I can revel in all things Fall (except Pumpkin Spice Latte’s…I hate those…)

In celebration of the Canadian version of my favorite food fest, Diva challenged us to do the tangle Gourdgeous. Now…this is not my favorite tangle (don’t tell anyone) but I have done it a few times. To get myself in the fall festive mood, I sprayed a little walnut ink and orange sparkly ink on my tile and let it dry, then tangled with the Sepia Micron. About the 3rd gourd, I was really starting to like it! I did not shade this one, because of the colored background, but I did use a white pen to make some highlights.

I spent the last weekend of my vacation at Tangle EU with the most lovely European Certified Zentangle Teachers. We had so much fun! I learned a few things, some new ways of doing some things I already thought I knew, and had a grand time! I was super thrilled to reconnect with my fellow CZT 14 alumni Maria Tovar!

And to meet lots of new people!

And…drum roll…I even finished all but 2 of my projects (still working on the Notan and the Opus tile. That might take me another couple days.)

The venue was beautiful, and the food was awesome. I even had traditional English breakfast. 

What a great way to wind up our European adventure, and I really look forward to seeing these great ladies again!

We spend our last afternoon in London, wandering the city as much as we could, walking a total of 9 miles! 

Keep tangling…it will keep you from being too crazy my friends!

Dream Revelations

Ok…it’s been quite a week. You might recall I blogged last week from Germany, and this weeks Diva Challenge (#287) was completed in Venice, but I’m writing this in my hotel in Cookham, Maidenhead, England. It has been a lovely vacation…Venice was amazing! Complete with gondola ride!

So, one of the things that has to happen when you are on an extended trip, unless you pack pretty heavy, you have to do laundry. So, while I was doing laundry in the lavanderia in Venice, I broke out this pretty little red leather journal I found…

Filled with beautiful black paper! So this weeks Use My Tangle (UMT) is from Daniel Lamothe CZT, and he provided us with a tangle/reticula called Dreamcatcher. I think it is a lovely idea, and decided to keep it a little simple in my new journal. (It is just under 4″, so perfect Zentangle size!) White and Gold Gelly Roll, and White Chalk Pastel pencil.

And I need to get a nap, so I can join in the Festivities at Tangle EU with my European CZT friends! But I will leave you with this…Inside the Doge’s Palace…(it really is not curved, but the panorama did that…cool effect!)