Catching Up on Mid Terms…And Slipping in a Few Divas!

I know….excuses excuses!

But, this has been a really trying past 2 weeks. Last Tuesday, we lost our dear Marie (sister-in-law)  to cancer. It derailed me a little, and I actually forgot a lot of things for the week. I ran on school only autopilot. It was difficult for Tuna, but he, his mother, and his other siblings were there with her. My final take on this….cancer sucks.

And…in the midst of this I am having mid terms at school. Studying for my last 2 tests now. Whew…semester is half over.

I did so the Blind String last week (#187) but I gave it to someone that admired it in class, so I forgot to post it…so here that is. Black tile with all the metallic Gelly Rolls I could grab at the moment.

And on to #188…This one I really lamented over. To have a 12 year old who is so aware of the world and the inequities in it, is really amazing. So it is to him, and all my friends and family in the LBGTQA community that I dedicate this tile (if you don’t recognize that last bit, it’s Queer and Ally, and I also added a C tangle to my tile for myself!)  I wish the scan would show how sparkly it is!

And this is me….back to studying!
Stay Crazy My Friends,