Diva #186: Leaves of Fall

How fortunate this coincided with my Sunday get together at Susan Bowden’s for the San Diego-Temecula Zentangle Group! (Thanks Janet Masey for coordinating me to be there and I love how Susan added me – Temecula – makes me feel rather special!)  Susan’s aunt was visiting from Canada, so she had prepared some lovely white tiles in fall-ish watercolor pencil with the maple leaf traced on it.

I did mine in sepia Micron with brown artist lead shading and a little Glitter Pen and Copper Gelly Roll.

To see a mosaic of everyone’s tiles, click here!
I also worked up this cute ornament from Michaels. Sprayed with a few coats of low-odor matte acrylic first, then I tangled on it with Permawriter II pen and painted the top in silver acrylic ink. Sealed it again with a nice coat of matte acrylic. I have a few more to do to…later maybe….
For now, back to writing about cocaine…
Stay Crazy My Friends!

Diva #185: Duo Tangle Phicops vs. Diva Dance…who won?

We are having a heat wave (and I don’t feel very tropical!)

It is OMG hot in Southern California right now. So what better to do than stay inside and tangle…opps…I meant do homework!

So this week, our lovely Laura the Diva had us do a duo tangle with her tangles Phicops and Diva Dance, in celebration of her and B-rads anniversary. They are a lovely couple…and this pair of tangles are a lovely couple as well. This was a first time for Phicops for me…I did find it a little challenging at first.

Renaissance Tan tile, with sepia micron, brown artist lead, and white Gelly Roll pen.

I am trying to stay up with getting at least a few tiles a week done. I spent all last week prepping my demos for my first live demonstration yesterday (it was fabulous) so I didn’t really have time to get to last weeks Tickled to Tangle tile, but I did get this weeks done today as well. The tangles are Girlande, Girdy, and my almost oops variation of Gingham.

Black micron, graphite, Inktense Pencils, and a Niji brush.

ok…off to read stress management homework…write papers…and dream of ebola…ack!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

Diva #184: ING-ing Around in Circles

Thank you Diva for giving me an excuse to not do some homework today!

I was in the CZT class (14) where ING was introduced, and I have been tearING up a log of my tanglING ever since. I decided to take a slightly different approach this time, and made my zig zag curvy, and spiraled it out. Of course I am still on my “black on tan” period, so that played into it as well. And that little Auraknot in the middle? it just  happened. I think its rather plain, but bold, it has a beat, and I can dance to it.

As part of my Stress Management class this semester, I am supposed to be journaling. I posted the beginnings of my art journal (covers) previously, and have now tackled the inside front cover. Not to give away too much, but the first actual page is a piece of mono print in greens, that kind of reminded me of the Emerald City, so I went with a bit of a Wizard of Oz theme here. I am still learning some painting techniques, and I sure wish I had more time to play with it. (chant with me…9 more months…9 more months…)

And…lastly…I am giving my first demo as a CZT this week. So anyone in San Diego area that wants to drop by, I will be at the Sew Hut on Balboa from 2 until about 5 ish. I think my demo is actually at 3, but since I am driving down there, I thought I would stay a while and try to miss traffic coming back. We are gearing up to possibly teach some free motion quilting with Zentangle…and I am a little excited!

ok…back to Epidemiology…fun fun!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

Diva #183 -Xing my way through…and some tidbits…

Ok…I have to be honest. I wasn’t going to do this weeks Diva Challenge. I started it once on a tan tile, and ended up ripping it up. I just didn’t like it. I wasn’t me. But then I pulled out an ATC at school today and tried it again. Kept it a little simpler, and that worked out ok. Put in a little Shattuck, Printemps, and Meer.

School is back in session, full swing. I have been trying to tangle as I can, but mostly it seems I do this in class whilst listening to lectures. I am starting a collection of ATC’s to start leaving as RAZ (Random Acts of Zentangle) but I have yet to be brave enough to part with any of them.

I really do listen to the lectures…really. I get more out of them when I am tangling, I think, because I am more focused.
Oh, and I’m sure you noticed the black blobs on the last one….that is a technique we like to call Black Out. 🙂 used when something doesn’t quite turn out the way you planned it.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!
So I’ve also been playing around in the studio this week, and came up with some cool stuff. In my Stress Management class, my group is doing a presentation on Art Therapy (with a brief Zentangle demo/class) and I am going to start working in an Art Journal a bit. So far, I have the cover done.
My idea here was to start taking the cards I’ve gotten (birthday, anniversary, Valentines) and making keepsake pages out of them. The cover was from my birthday card from last year from my BFF, Lori. I cut chip board to the size I wanted, primed it with gesso, painted with acrylics and distress inks, applied embellishments from my die cut machine, and added a ribbon. The back matches the front, except for the card. I put a black Zentangle tile on the back to label it when I am done.
I put all kinds of cool paper in it, including a piece of mono print. I will post pictures from time to time, so you can see what I do with it…
Ok…back to homework. 
Stay Crazy My Friends,