A State of Flux…

Ok…so it’s Spring Break…my senior year in college (never mind that I am basically a senior citizen….) and what am I doing? Tangling…and cleaning my house. Go figure…

So Laura (The Diva) left us with just Flux as our prompt (feel better soon to Artoo…poor little guy.) I am working on some samples for a class/meet up in April, so I used one of my wine dyed tiles to turn out this gem. Flux both ways!

(Can’t leak about the wine coloring until later…don’t want to spoil the class!)

That’s all for now…

Stay Crazy My Friends!

Post St. Paddy’s Day Fallout…

Happy Belated St. Patricks Day!

This week’s Diva Challenge (#209) was to “Make it Green.” I am currently experimenting with various colored liquids (coffee, tea, wine) and stencils to pre-dye tiles and use the stencils for my string, so I decided to try one of my green tea applications and Jenny Perruzzi’s ┬áZencils stencils (get them on etsy.com) Can’t tell you my methodology yet, working it up for a class…shhh…top secret.

The whole tile is done in Gelly Roll pen this time. I laid down the metallic green first, and discovered my trusty Micron didn’t like it, so I broke out the black Gelly…and ta-da…it worked great. tried to shade with a Tombow and blender, but that smeared a little, so went with General’s Chalk Pastel Pencils instead.

Off to prep some more tiles!

Oh, and study for an Exercise Physiology test…

Stay Crazy My Friends!

Ahhh…Time to Tangle Today!

I’ve been a bit hard pressed to find much time to tangle lately, but I seem to have been pretty productive anyway…

So this week’s Diva Challenge (#208) is Duotangle: Cubine vs. Pokeroot. Now…I have not ever done any Pokeroot before, so this was my maiden voyage with that tangle. I also made a trip to Artist & Craftsman Supply over the weekend and acquired a set of Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens, so I was dying to try them out. Unfortunately, the fluorescent colors did not scan as bright as they look in person….oh well…

Last week, I didn’t get #207 finished in time, but here it is now: Use My Tangle (UMT) Unbatz by Sandy Hunter. Got a little Narwal in there, and I don’t know what the heck the other thing is. I actually used a string from TanglePatterns.com for this (#146) and it is a bit strange….lol…like me I guess.

Only one new card to show off…had to wait till today so the birthday didn’t get spoiled.
That’s all for today!
Stay Crazy My Friends!

Tools of the Trade…Trading Tools?

Ok…this weeks Diva Challenge (#206) asked us to use something you don’t normally use, or expand our horizons. I had it all planned out…the huge piece of beautiful Rosapina has been on my work table for weeks, I have it all planned out in my head. I started it…and it is now cut up into smaller tiles, as it really didn’t work out the way I wanted it. (tried rubber-stamping words…not a good idea while you are on a conference call…)

So…I reverted to something else I figured as a semi-failed attempt a while back. I watercolored a few errant pieces of water color paper with the salt process and some cool Niji pearlescent watercolors, and when they were done, I didn’t know what to do with them. They were so pretty, they intimidated me. So, I whipped out the least intimidating one (purple and grey) and the associated Tombows, and tangled away. I just got my Tombow markers recently, and haven’t really used them much, and I have never really shaded with color, so this was a grand experiment.

I did mount it on a black tile, I thought it looked nicer.

Squeaking in under the wire…and back to homework.

Stay Crazy My Friends!