Sorting Stacks

First off, I hope everyone had a

Happy Easter 2016

As typical, mine was quiet, as Mike was at work. I did get a lot done, and the house got cleaned!

This week’s Diva Challenge (#261) was issued by guest blogger Jan Reiter, CZT, who challenged us to Stack Bijou. Now, I have to tell you, I was a little intimidated by this. That seemed like a lot of work! And we know how famous I am lately for not finishing anything. So…I rummaged through all my “pretty paper” collection that isn’t particularly good for tangling on in great quantity, and cut up 6 “stacks” and a Bijou-sized (2×2 inch) tile. And I stared at it for a little while. Then I went to town…and I tangled them from the biggest to the smallest. It went a lot faster than I thought it would, but then I always make things more complicated than they need to be!

Diva #261

This was a lot of fun. And believe it or not, the Bijou-sized tile and the far outer frame are from the same paper! Since brown was my “theme” I went with a sepia Micron too, so that was nice, and a copper Gelly Roll on the accents.

UPDATE: I realized while I was filing this weeks photos after I posted the blog that this Diva Challenge marked 100 & 101 consecutive challenges!

So you know I haven’t been slacking, I have been busy with shop models for upcoming classes. I know you want to join us this Saturday when Origami meets Zentangle! The project is based on a design from Hans Werner Guth, called “Jump” and tangle inspired by Dorian Eng, CZT.


To sign up, head on over to the Class Schedule Page!

I have been participating in a Round-Robin tangle with 3 other CZT’s and received my tiles back yesterday (and I’m sending the next batch out today, I promise!) I think they came out really cool, and it was a lot of fun working with everyone on this. We all have really different styles, and that melded together very well.

SoCal Round Robin

And…So you don’t think I missed last week’s Diva Challenge (#260), I did that in my journal in church this week. Yes…I listened to the talk…and yes…this helps me concentrate on it rather than making my grocery list in my head or thinking about what I am cooking for lunch. I love Shattuck, it is such a versatile tangle!

Diva #260

And, for everyone that knows me, no week is complete without a little rock n’ roll! We headed to Las Vegas last week to see Billy Idol at the House of Blues. I was deaf in my right ear for a good while since we were next to the speaker, but what a show, and what great seats! It is hard to believe he is 60! (hubba hubba!)


Back to packing for TangleU! Here’s a sneak peek at what you will be able to score at CharKat’s after I get back…IMG_0190


Tangle them…Color them…Embellish them! Wear Your Art!


Stay Crazy My Friends!






That Green Time of Year

Yep, that’s right…it’s March! I love the month of March. Not only is it the month of my birth, but the weather starts being nice again, the sun is out, the grass is green…and…we all get to be Irish for a day.

We had a couple of really fun Celtic themed classes over the weekend, so that led right into this week’s Diva Challenge (#259)Ā “A Touch of the Irish.” This was one of those pieces I was particularly proud of when I finished it. I have not forged into the ZenGems craze because I did all this stuff 20 years ago when I was designing jewelry, but I broke out my Prismacolor Premier pencils and some luscious hand-made Garza Papel (from Spain) and pulled this off.

Diva #259

I know…huh? I keep looking at

If you want to see the steps I took for the gems, check this out…


I didn’t get a blog up last week, it was my birthday…I joked to one of my students who is a professional cake decorator that she should bring me a birthday cupcake (since I am watching my girlish figure) and she arrived with this:


That is one HUGE cupcake…and it was really tasty too.

I did get the Diva Challenge (#258 UMT Rautyflex) done too, although I just did it in my Tangle Journal.Diva #258

There was some unusually beautiful skies here this week, with pretty vapor trails. I loved how they made a pretty perfect X there…


I will have the April Schedule up by the end of the week. I am working on a sample for a class, so be sure to save the date (April 2) if you are in the area. Origami meets Zentangle, and it is so fun to fold!

That is all for now…Stay Crazy My Friends!

Heavy Metal!

Of course, most of you know I am a HUGE fan of rock…hard rock…heavy metal!

And I have worked with metals a lot longer than I have been tangling, so to be able to combine tangles with metal was pretty awesome. Guest Diva, Amy Ridge Brody, CZT, said to make it “Ohh Shiny” and that is exactly what I shot for in The Diva’s #257 Challenge.

I have lots of metal do-dads leftover from a plethora of projects, and odds and ends…so this was really fun. Silver and blue metallic Gelly Roll, and a Blue Stardust Gelly Roll, with General’s Multi Pastels for shading. 

And since I was a little behind, Diva #256, which was a Duo-Tangle of The Diva’s tangles Boo*Kee and Artoo. I was in a red mood…

While I was working on this, I noticed my new page tabs looked like Artoo was looking at me (he is such a cutie.)


Have a few other cuties I worked up this week:

Also, I will be teaching a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) Easter project at La Rebelde Winery in Lake Elsinore on March 25th. It will be something along this line:


La Rebelde is at  530 Crane Street, Lake Elsinore, and the class will be from 6 till they kick us out! $35 per person includes all materials, snacks AND a glass of wine!

The Color Me Crazy T-shirts are at the printers as we speak, so they will be available online and at the shop AFTER TangleU…2 different designs, that you tangle and color yourself! What a great alternative to coloring books, and you can wear your art!

Ok…back to work for me. Finishing up the examples for the March Monthly Specials – Found and Tangled (Irish Authors Edition) and Celtic Tangles with ZenGems!

Namas’ cray! Stay crazy my friends.