I Shall Flourish!

Oh, I do love botanicals, and I love to flourish, but I don’t seem as good at it most of the time. My “style” is a bit more heavy and graphic, and I am comfortable with that.

But this week, I went out on a limb and went all flourishy with 3 different tiles for this weeks Diva guest blogger, Sharla Hicks, CZT. For Challenge #231, she tasked us with undulating S’s and C’s. These are the backbone of her beautiful botanical style, which I have always enjoyed trying, and have now adapted to my Zentangle style.

The first one, I did on black Stonehenge, with a white Gelly Roll, chalk pastels, and my trusty glitter pen.

Diva #231 - 1

The second pass, I tried out the Storm Blue Artagain.

Diva #231 - 2

And finally, I wanted to tangle with a fountain pen. This was done in J. Herblin Stormy Gray on Pearl Gray Stonehenge. Using a fountain pen was a lot of fun, and it really made me slow down a lot.

Diva #231 - 3

Lots happening around the shop…we  have a lighted sign now!


We also had a great class on Flat Kumihimo Braids.


Keep an eye out for date announcements for Quilts of Valor meet ups at the shop to cut fabric, and maybe even do a little sewing.

Samples are being worked on for the September Patriot Tangles Class (hand colored tiles by me!) and the Spook-tacular October Class. Options for October will be to make this cool cat or a pumpkin…just a preview!



Off to finish a few things…and watch baseball! (Go Giants!) I can’t wait to go to AT&T Park next week to see them in person!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

7 thoughts on “I Shall Flourish!

  1. Like all the things that you did, but I think my favorite is the one did with the fountain pen. What paper did you use? Tried using a stylus with acrylic ink on the tiles and it really absorbed a lot of the ink. It was white ink on a black tile. The cat is interesting. Are your pumpkins similar or is it working on a carveable pumpkin?


    1. The gray paper is Pearl Gray Stonehenge. I am using Stonehenge for most of my tangling now, as it takes all the pens nicely (especially the white Gelly Roll!). The pumpkin will be paper strips, like the cat, but perhaps a little larger. Like the strips you did for thar awesome ball! P.s. If you want some so the Stonehenge to try out, I can put together a sampler for you.


  2. I love what you did with this challenge! The first and last are my favorites. I love the “chunky” look of the black tile. Very different from most of the responses. I also love the fountain pen one. Using a new tool really does make you slow down and focus. The softness of the gray is so beautiful and restful!

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  3. I like all your undulating Diva tiles. Different colors and different paper can make such a difference. Thanks for sharing all of them. This time of year, I’m partial to the blue since I’m hanging at the beach. Admittedly, the beach is in New Jersey which means blue water is more of an imagination thing. Greenish-grayish-brownish is closer to the actual color of the Atlantic along the mid-Atlantic states.


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