Ok…so I did it again. I tend to go a bit overboard with my visions of grandeur when the Diva Challenge comes out, and this time it came back to bite me. I finally finished this tonite during the Giant’s absolute rout of the Nationals! (if you are not a baseball fan, it’s ok…I still like you!)

Laura is still on vacation, so Erin Olsen, CZT, from thebrightowl.com was our guest blogger for Challenge #230. Erin hosts a weekly challenge on her site called the Zendala Dare, so this week, she dared us Diva-style. The template was cool, and available in 3 sizes, but of course I chose the biggest one.

Diva #230

I decided it really looked like a color wheel, and on Clearprint 16 lb Vellum, it came out pretty cool. I am going to mount this in a double mat so it can have light shining thru it, as it looks pretty cool that way.

And it wasn’t like I didn’t do anything else this week. I finally got to play with my Tints on Tan kit that has been sitting on my workbench for a while now, and have the following efforts to share. The first one is on Renaissance Tan Zentangle Tile (3.5″ sq)

ToT First OneAnd then I decided I needed to go a little bigger, and try some different paper. This one is on Stonehenge Kraft (6″ sq) – which is available in my etsy store (or you can email me at CharKatTangles at gmail.com to get some.)

ToT XL Stonehenge KraftAnd then a seascape…5.75″ x 4″ on Stonehenge Kraft, mounted on a double mat card.

ToT Seascape Card

Been working on the web site all week, fixing the schedule. I have buy it now buttons on the class dates…hopefully that makes it easy! And the course dates are listed with their descriptions, rather than on a different page.

And…back to work. No rest for the crazy!

9 thoughts on “Why…Big?

  1. Your zendala is very beautiful, I like the colored circles.
    I was busy ordering that paper, but found out that the paper cost 6 euro and the shipping 17! So, I think it’s a bit (too) much.

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  2. There were three sitze of the Zendala? Really?
    I had my husband download them because we wanted to draw them together and I didn’t checked… My Zendala isn’t nearly as big as an Tiles! How big is yours?

    I like that you changed the pattern every now and then and that you used color!
    You brown tiles are the second I see this week. I haven’t worked on brown paper but I think I have to give it a try. Your cards looks very nice!

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    1. On the PDF from Bright Owl, there were a tile size, a zendala size, and the one I used, which is about 6 1/2″. I forgot to mention that all the tangles I used started with the same letter as the color area they are in…:-)

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