Diva #183 -Xing my way through…and some tidbits…

Ok…I have to be honest. I wasn’t going to do this weeks Diva Challenge. I started it once on a tan tile, and ended up ripping it up. I just didn’t like it. I wasn’t me. But then I pulled out an ATC at school today and tried it again. Kept it a little simpler, and that worked out ok. Put in a little Shattuck, Printemps, and Meer.

School is back in session, full swing. I have been trying to tangle as I can, but mostly it seems I do this in class whilst listening to lectures. I am starting a collection of ATC’s to start leaving as RAZ (Random Acts of Zentangle) but I have yet to be brave enough to part with any of them.

I really do listen to the lectures…really. I get more out of them when I am tangling, I think, because I am more focused.
Oh, and I’m sure you noticed the black blobs on the last one….that is a technique we like to call Black Out. šŸ™‚ used when something doesn’t quite turn out the way you planned it.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!
So I’ve also been playing around in the studio this week, and came up with some cool stuff. In my Stress Management class, my group is doing a presentation on Art Therapy (with a brief Zentangle demo/class) and I am going to start working in an Art Journal a bit. So far, I have the cover done.
My idea here was to start taking the cards I’ve gotten (birthday, anniversary, Valentines) and making keepsake pages out of them. The cover was from my birthday card from last year from my BFF, Lori. I cut chip board to the size I wanted, primed it with gesso, painted with acrylics and distress inks, applied embellishments from my die cut machine, and added a ribbon. The back matches the front, except for the card. I put a black Zentangle tile on the back to label it when I am done.
I put all kinds of cool paper in it, including a piece of mono print. I will post pictures from time to time, so you can see what I do with it…
Ok…back to homework.Ā 
Stay Crazy My Friends,

10 thoughts on “Diva #183 -Xing my way through…and some tidbits…

  1. Like your challenge tile. Sometime we have to do something to just get rid of the blockage before we can get on with things. There have been some recent articles about now drawing increases concentration and helps people focus. Looks like you have been exercising this well.


  2. Beautiful take on X-did. Wonderful line work and your color and shading polishes it so nicely. All of your ATC are fabulous. Looking forward to updates on your Art Journal project.


  3. I really enjoy your tan tiles. They keep getting better. I like your shiny striping. And my comment on those black blobs… Not blobs. With the veriegation of the black they are cookies with character. You know, Hydrox vs Oreos!


  4. Char, these are all terrific!!! I love your tile with'X-did' ! It turned out beautifully!!! Thanks for giving it a try! Oh, and as far as your RAZ, when you let go of your first one, you will feel so good that you left someone, something so pretty and meaningful that it'll get easier! It really does feel like sharing a bit of kindness with a stranger. I always enjoy your posts! Good luck with your Art Journal! Looks like you're off to a great start! Have a great weekend! :0) Annette Share Humanity


  5. RAZ! Love that. I didn't know there was a name for it. I hike, and each time I go out, I pick up a nice smooth stone to bring home. Then I zentangle it, and take it out on the next hike for someone to find. I like to think it adds a little fun, especially for kids who get a bit bored. You have your pictures of the ATC's. Let go of one and make the world more beautiful.


  6. some lovely work here. Your x-did is beautiful, I know what you mean – I always used to doodle when listening in class. Now I tangle. As you say, it keeps you concentrating.


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