Diva #184: ING-ing Around in Circles

Thank you Diva for giving me an excuse to not do some homework today!

I was in the CZT class (14) where ING was introduced, and I have been tearING up a log of my tanglING ever since. I decided to take a slightly different approach this time, and made my zig zag curvy, and spiraled it out. Of course I am still on my “black on tan” period, so that played into it as well. And that little Auraknot in the middle? it just  happened. I think its rather plain, but bold, it has a beat, and I can dance to it.

As part of my Stress Management class this semester, I am supposed to be journaling. I posted the beginnings of my art journal (covers) previously, and have now tackled the inside front cover. Not to give away too much, but the first actual page is a piece of mono print in greens, that kind of reminded me of the Emerald City, so I went with a bit of a Wizard of Oz theme here. I am still learning some painting techniques, and I sure wish I had more time to play with it. (chant with me…9 more months…9 more months…)

And…lastly…I am giving my first demo as a CZT this week. So anyone in San Diego area that wants to drop by, I will be at the Sew Hut on Balboa from 2 until about 5 ish. I think my demo is actually at 3, but since I am driving down there, I thought I would stay a while and try to miss traffic coming back. We are gearing up to possibly teach some free motion quilting with Zentangle…and I am a little excited!

ok…back to Epidemiology…fun fun!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

7 thoughts on “Diva #184: ING-ing Around in Circles

  1. Wonderful design concept using a spiral for your ING pattern. Beautifully drawn. Love the AuraKnot and the White line pattern for the background is so attractive. I enjoyed your post and join with you, “Nine more months, nine more months…”


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