Diva Challenge #182 – A Study in Stripes X2

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words last week.

Second, keep the well wishes coming, because school started today. Six classes, 17 semester hours, five days a week. So far, so good, as my Monday classes are Chemistry (which I really enjoy.)

I have two entries for this week’s Diva Challenge of Stripes. The first one I actually did last week while I was at the Tangled Expressions Group meeting up in Anaheim with Sharla Hicks. She has been doing a lot of black on tan tiles, and I thought I would like to play with them.

I really like the way it looks, although it seems rather stark with my tendency toward more angular line. The second one I did today, going alone the same stripe lines. While the lines are pretty regular, I think it has a bit of a different look.
The pearl effect is done by laying down a little graphite and blending it, then burnishing over it with the Zenstone. Neato, eh?
Ok…I have to read for tomorrows class (haha…I am always last minute.)
Stay Crazy My Friends,

11 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #182 – A Study in Stripes X2

  1. Both of your Tiles are striking. Love the Tan Tiles and the use of white highlighting. Your pearls are indeed “Neato.” Great effect. Bless you for your dedication to your teaching profession.


  2. Oh! the first one is like a wooded glen…how lovely. And I appreciate the hints on making pearls. What is a zenstone? Or would a paper blunt work? Both are just terrific.


  3. I love the winter trees effect of the first one and I think the angularity is actually a plus. On the second one, those pearls are brilliant. Two excellent tiles, Charlotte. As for the studying, keep it up, it's worth it, even if the road does sometimes seem a little too long!


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