Diva #169: Wheels in the Sky and a Few String Things…

Whew…for school being out, this has been a busy week!

First, I’ll give you what you came here for: The Diva. This week, Laura said to use circles for the string. Still being a bit…stringaphobic…I opted to do a bit of creative watercoloring using some pretty pearlescent water color paint and…wait for it…a spool of thread.

On a watercolor paper postcard…I spattered and stamped and tangled. Think the Diva dancing in circles…and diva dance and knightsbridge and sharla-rella (Sharla Hicks’ variation of Indy-rella.)

Fun, eh?

So now for some String Things. I kinda blew it for getting #41 in on time.  I was OCD-ing on those Van’s from last Saturday. (Check out this post if you missed them.) So here is my pretty from that week that didn’t make it on the web listing.

Of course, this week I am on time, but I am going to post it here anyway. #42 is a mono-tangle of Knightsbridge. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not pleased that my scanner isn’t working at the moment and I had to photo it and my Diva this week…

And yes, I am stuck on cycle fill this week…

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