Diva #170: UMT – a BUGLEsplosion

EEk…some tangles just don’t talk to me like others until they are on the paper! I was so sure about this one…seemed a bit too …griddy…for me after a week of a lot of knightsbridge.

But…here it is…

Busy busy busy this week. Getting ready to leave on vacation and then heading to Providence for CZT.

24 thoughts on “Diva #170: UMT – a BUGLEsplosion

  1. Wow Charlotte, I never would have thought to have done this tangle like this… this is very creative and I love it.. thanks so very much for sharing… Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie


  2. I am thinking of taking a pass on this challenge, at least until it speaks to me 😉
    I usually don;t look at other challenge tiles until I have finished mine, but I have to see if anyone was seeing something I wasn't. You did! It's a great take on it.


  3. Ken, I do the same thing. I wasn't thrilled with this tangle, but I kind of forced myself to start. I can usually coax one out if I pull out the Ren Tan tiles (my favorite) and make a mark on the tile. I then, of course, feel obligated to work on it. Thanks so much!


  4. Wow, looks great, very creative is the line work outside the cone shapes. Makes the tangle look so different. Great color, shading and highlighting.


  5. Wow – love your take on bugles glad you stayed with it – would not have wanted to miss seeing this one. You're going to have a great time in Providence – believe it or not you already are one of the “big kids” no need to worry about that!


  6. This is really nice. Love the shading. BTW – I'm headed to June 15th seminar with Janet Masey of Tiki Tangles. Leaving San Diego early on 15th. Which one are you going to? Suzanne was our CZT also!


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