It’s Gotta Be the Shoes…

So today I finished what I at first thought to be a daunting task. I did my first tangles in 3D.
And not just any 3D. I did SHOES. (Go big or go home I guess.)

So a little background first. I have been tangling for precisely a year this week. I am going to CZT in a couple weeks (Certified Zentangle Teacher course.) I have been pretty doubtful of my skills in this area at times, but I keep on keeping on.

I have a friend who works at the local Van’s store at the mall here, and he gave me a coupon when they had their friends and family deal. So I thought to myself…self…Vans are pretty cool shoes…but pretty expensive…are you sure you want to tangle a pair? And being myself…I answered…SURE! (at already on sale and some percentage off anyway!)

So I pick out a pair in denim blue with white stars (think…pre-strung!) When I got them home, I took out the laces, and took a good picture of them:

I used that picture to try out some tangles on…and test some pens…

And then…they sat on my workbench for, oh, a month. 
But, I had done a few small our of the way spaces from time to time to test out my design and the pen width. I had to order some pens, so they sat there a while longer. And after one such little test, I forgot to click the cap on my Permawriter, and it dried out (fortunately, I ordered several.)
Today, I got a wild hair, and just started on them. Before I knew it, most of one shoe was done.
And then the rest of that ONE shoe…
And I’ll be darned if BOTH shoes aren’t done now!
I am so totally impressed with myself now!
The particulars: I used both Permawriter 03 and Sakura Identi-pen in red and black. Are they the “right” ones? I’m not sure yet. All the information I found said so. And in all my research I did find that Sharpies fade funny and yellow, and I certainly didn’t want that. So I guess only time will tell. 
I am going to let them thoroughly dry before I re-lace them, and I probably won’t wear them for a while.
And that, is all the excitement I can handle for a Saturday.

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