The oh so long Christmas Break!

I can honestly say, I was relieved when the semester ended and I for a nice fat 5 whole weeks off from school. All I really wanted to do was not think about anything to do with school, kinesiology, biology or anything else that would tax my already strained brain.

I went to Arizona and visited…Quartzsite…Mindy and Andy in Phoenix…mom and Lori in Tucson. Got to spend Christmas day with Mike and his family in San Diego. It was nice, and when Mike was at work, I had some quite time to work on my sewing room/studio. It was a hot mess, and made me not want to work in there. Caused more stress than creativity.

So…I literally emptied out the room, made a trip to Ikea, and put it back together again. I sold the old sewing machine tables, put in some new shelves and new chairs, and organized everything to work better.

I think it came out pretty good. When I want to tangle or work on jewelry, its easy access to my work table and lamp, and those tractor seat chairs are very comfy (the drafting one at the work table hadn’t come in yet when I took the pictures.)

The nice part is that the room now makes me want to be in it. I love being in here, and I have so much more room to work!

But all my fun had to end sometime, and school started back up toward the end of January. That’s also the time when I started my classes at Soft Expressions in Anaheim with Sharla Hicks, CZT.

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