Part 3…a Journey into …nothing…

Ok…so to pick up the Zentangle story where I left off.

After I took the class in July 2013, I really didn’t do much with it. I obsessed a bit, read a lot, looked at pictures, and generally thought my work wasn’t good enough (keep in mind, I had only done 4 tiles by this time, and I hadn’t really practiced much.)

And then…school started. I was stressed, and inundated with homework, so I pushed it to the back burner, all the time toying with the idea of becoming a Certified Zentangle instructor (after all, I have a degree in education, I like teaching, and this is good for a lot of things, like depression and PTSD.)

In my excessive reading, I found a couple of blogs I really liked. One of those blogs led me to a weekly challenge, which I found…intimidating…but challenging. So I tried one. I didn’t finish it in time to send it in, but here was my success.

Tickled to Tangle – String-Less Thing #19 – December 2014
I emailed it to Adele anyway, late, and she thought it was cool. So I went back and did #20, but I still didn’t submit it (again, I thought about it way too long before I had a chance to do and email it in by the Saturday deadline, but here it is for the first time in public.)
Tickled to Tangle – String Thing #20
Ok…so I am getting the hang of it. I didn’t do the next couple of them, I was a little intimidated by the tangles I didn’t know and I was remodeling my sewing room (more excuses.) But I did pick it back up at #24. And this time, I sent it in, on time!
Tickled to Tangle – String Thing #24
So for Christmas, I had bought myself a copy of the book The Beauty of Zentangle. While perusing this beautiful display of Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA for short,) I came across a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in Anaheim who’s work I found rather interesting. Sharla Hicks, CZT, of Soft Expressions ( has some wonderful ideas in color, and is a very diverse and eclectic soul (like me!) I was hooked, and I signed up for her entire series (at the time of this writing, I have completed 6 of the 8 classes…and the rest is next Saturday.)
So, remodeled sewing room/studio…tangled some more…took some classes…and will pick this up again and show you some more. But I will leave you with another challenge piece (again, I sent it in!)
Tickled to Tangle – String Thing #25

One thought on “Part 3…a Journey into …nothing…

  1. Well Charkat, I loved what you shared with Joann and myself today, and went to Hobby Lobby(HL) and bought some Stratmore (sp) tiles and some cool pens,and plan to check out the websites you jotted down for me.
    I love your designs, hope you have more to show us next time we meet for QOV. Thanks for sharing something so inspiring and new!!!


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