A New Chapter in My Tangle History

So in January, I started taking classes with Sharla Hicks, CZT, up in Anaheim. I figured I needed to get more practical experience since I signed up to go to CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) training in June. And boy, did I bite off a big bite there!

I tend to stay in a comfort zone, and rarely waver out of it unless I’ve done a lot of practice and research (hence not having very many tiles to show for my effort!) Sharla has a tendency to really push her students to the very limits of that comfort zone, and in some cases, well beyond it.

I have learned more about shading, line control and being freer with my composition than I though I could. And I think my work lately really shows it.
And I’ve started to play more with color…
And colored tiles…

And more organic shapes…
And have come up with some really pretty things lately…

And then this just practically drew itself in my sketchbook last Sunday (Feb 23rd) while I was listening to motor control lectures online!

I’ll post some more pretties as I get a chance!

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