Mac-n-Cheese, Please!

Ok…this week is a little light, for a couple reasons. First off, I had to spend a lot of time with this handsome little devil last week:


(The boy, not the guy in the dog suit.) I learned the capacity of a 4-1/2 year old at Disneyland almost out-lasts the adults. (We got there just after 8 a.m. and left as the park was closing at 11 p.m., shopped at the outside store and got in the car at nearly midnight.) “Can we go on one more ride Gammy?” – Sure…the tram to the parking lot…hahaha

Add to that, I was a little under the weather all week. Today is the first day I am feeling marginally human again, can speak above a whisper, and do not appear to be dying. But, I can still  hold a pen!

So this week’s Diva Challenge (#308) prompted us to use our “mac-n-cheese” tangle. That is that tangle you got down, that you use in pinches, that is “your thing.” For me, this rotates on occasion. Usually, it is Fengle, Printemps, and Tipple. But this week, I revisited one that I really, really like, and for me, is more meditative than most. That tangle is Bloom, by Helen Williams. Like I did here, I mostly use the random version, rather than the dot grid. because it is just fun to see where it will go.

Diva #308

I went with the shaving foam marbled tile again, because I feel like I wanted another crack at picking the right pen. The Micron wasn’t working so well on it, nor did any other fiber-tipped pen I tried. I could have used a Gelly Roll, but when I reached in my pen bag, out popped my trusty medium nib fountain pen loaded with a Carbon Ink cartridge. And boy, did that do the trick! (Caveat, these tiles are a bit larger than typical Zentangle tiles, so the fatter lines were good, and hey, that’s my style anyway!) I filled in my aura with a gold Metallic Gelly Roll, and then did some rounding in the sharp corners. I do love this tangle. Do pop on over to her website and check it out!

While I still do not have the April schedule up, I want to give you aheads up (again) about a great weekend workshop happening at CharKat’s. Risa Gettler is going to be teaching Visigothic Versals on April 8 & 9. But, you say, I am not a calligrapher (yet!) It is OK! This is a graphic intense hand, laid out on graph paper first, and then transferred to your final project, making it appropriate for all levels of artists.

Nat'l Council on Aging- Internt'l Alz-Convention Toronto-Thumb

If you LOVE Zentangle, you will adore this! There is a supply list, although 90% of it will be available for purchase if you do not already have the items in your arsenal. Lunch is included, both days (catered daily by Which Wich, and can meet any dietary need!) The price for this intensive workshop is $120 per person.

If you are from out of the area, never fear, there are accommodations available right across the street, and I am willing to help you get situated, make arrangements, and keep the studio open after class hours for those that want to continue working on their projects.

Space is limited for this workshop…sign up now!

And mark your calendars for May 12 & 26 (in the evening), as I will be finally (yay) teaching a Book Making Workshop. In this 2 part workshop, we will design our books, paint the wooden covers and spine pieces in the first session, and then in the second session, we will assemble (sew!) our books and create our colophons. This is a preliminary example of what we will be doing:

Class will be 2 Fridays, from 6:30-9:00. All the book materials will be provided, but you can bring paints, stencils, or anything else you would like to use. I highly recommend Milk Paint or Chalk Paint (I will have some, but colors are limited to, well, that graphite gray.) $75 per person (bring wine! its Friday nite!)

That’s all for this week. I am off this weekend to a business seminar to learn more about how to entice you to come take classes a the honeycomb hideout so we can stay open!

Make Stuff, You Will Feel Better!

7 thoughts on “Mac-n-Cheese, Please!

  1. Beautiful work! The calligraphy piece is a knockout. Thanks for the heads up about winning the post card. (email sent) I’m looking forward to it;-) Your post brought back memories of a trip I took to Disneyland with a friend and her 5 year old grandson. After about 2 hours all he wanted to do was go back to the Disneyland Hotel to play with the boats;-P

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  2. So wonderful to see the world through the eyes of a child! What a cutie he is too! I love your mac ‘n cheese tile, and find that I prefer random rather than grids on a lot of grid based tangles. It flows effortlessly!

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