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Hello Tanglers and Artists!

This is the page to find out all about what is going on calligraphy-wise at CharKat’s. Our Calligraphy-Teacher-In-Residence, Risa Gettler, has a lot of fun things in store for us.

Upcoming Events:

Visigothic Versals

A Weekend Workshop With Risa Gettler

Saturday and Sunday, April 8 & 9, 2017

10 am to 4:30 pm at CharKat’s Creative Insanity, 27309 Jefferson Ave. #102, Temecula, CA 92592

$120 Per Person (Includes Lunch)

Perched on the tiptoes between antiquity and the early middle ages the Visigothic Versals stand as the exclusive, distinct LAR-Betweenand independent lettering tradition unique to 7th – 11th century Spain.

In 711 Moors conquered Spain and in the following opulent centuries of occupation traditional Christian manuscripts became infused with beautiful and intricate Islamic art.

It’s the magnificent artistic period when the Ottoman empire of the east met the Holy Roman Empire of the west – resulting in Spain’s greatest artistic treasures, The Beati Manuscripts. It’s within the manuscripts where you find the handsome, primitive, and playful Visigothic Versals whispering memories of Greek, Roman, Uncial and Gothic letter forms.

Visigothic Versals are animated and versatile. They like to be tickled, resized, flipped, inverted and to buddy-up into ligatures as well as ‘morphing’ into animals. (Zoomorphics are included in your handouts.)

Your workshop project may be the most original, personal, and expressive work-to-date.

Join me for some intriguing and passion-filled letter-forms that possess both the strength of Spanish iron work and the delicacy of Spanish lace.


All Levels are Welcome, Supply list will be emailed on registration

Limited to 16 attendees

To Reserve your space Call (951) 506-7778

(Accommodations Available, Across the Street

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