Walking ’round in Circles

Seems to be a moving kind of theme this past few weeks. I have been a lot more active, and seems like the Diva Challenge (#277) is right there with me. This week’s theme is Running ’round in Circles. But…I am a walker. I loved to run, and missed it a lot when I had to stop because of joint and back issues…but…I still walk. And I can do circles. I found tile in my bin that looked like it had a circle on it for my string (Twinkling H2O background!)


And I decided to stick with an “orby” type theme…

Siva #277

It is so sparkly in person…one of these days I’ll figure out how to photo the sparkles.

I also got this one in during yesterdays private lesson. I love working on Kona paper. It has such great tooth for using the General’s Multi Pastels on. The glow is amazing! (5.5″ square)


Over the weekend, I did a new weekend crafters market at Vail Headquarters. It was super hot, so there weren’t many people out. I will be doing this once a month and then a bit more frequently right before Christmas. Here is our little set up:

And now, I’m off to practice calligraphy, since I have not done that all week.

Stay Crazy & Catch Them All My Friends!

(Last weeks tally:  75,259 Steps, 38.03 miles, 4 pounds gone!)

10 thoughts on “Walking ’round in Circles

  1. Hmm. Calligraphy. Might be time for me to try that. Very cool shading on the Kona paper tile. Another thing for me to check out. I should probably be writing this down. Nice orbs. Is this your blue period. 😉

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  2. What a great tile for the Diva Challenge. I’ll have to try using a watercolor background soon. I love how it came out on your tile. I really like the 2nd tile too. Blue is my favorite color. 😀 And now you’ve got me thinking about walking more. Losing 4 lbs. would be great! Now where did I put my pedometer? Ah, there it is. 😉 Thanks for this other challenge.

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  3. Both tiles are amazing, but I must say the tile on the Kona paper is stunning! It is so smoothly blended that you can’d see any hard edges anywhere, just beautiful glowing color. Great work.


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