Moving On Down the Road

It has been a week for moving…mostly moving my feet! I have caught the Pokemon Go bug, and have been clocking more than 10,000 steps a day, which has really gotten me back on track with my exercising. I know, I know…its a silly little game, and isn’t really all that important, but any little trick I can use to get my butt off the couch and moving works. And…this week I hatched our new tangle mascot…lol.


We have become rather attached to him, so I was inspired by this weeks Diva Challenge (#276) entitled “Space Trucking – Moving Tangles” to do my interpretation of this cute little ball of Hollibaugh (which I am calling variation PG114.)

Diva #276

And Olivia, my step-daughter and shop minion, joined in the tangly fun too:

While I don’t normally tangle in a vehicle, I do tangle a lot on the road, at my local Starbucks or on longer trips as well. I spend a lot of time, killing time, in airports, working in a cute little 4×6 Midori MD journal. I still need to tangle/decorate the plain cover (it also has a protective plastic cover,) but here are some of my musings from a few of my trips:

I also have an affinity for coasters, especially when they have a “doodle spot,” like this one from the Garage Brewing Co.:


Oh, and by the way, don’t tangle on coasters with your Microns…its a good way to bleed them dry. I always carry a few Pentel G2’s or other Gel Pens in my purse for this.

We had an awesome Zentangle 101 class last Saturday evening, and the class was nice enough to let me capture their mosaic so I could post it. Everyone had a blast.


The words were from a meditative focus from the leader of this particular group. I think they fit in quite nicely!

The August Schedule is up…be sure to check it out!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

9 thoughts on “Moving On Down the Road

  1. Beautiful work…all of it! Love Tangela…she reminds me of a character that I have been drawing as long as I can remember. Mine is called Gzorpe and I’ll have to get her on my blog one of these days. Your class tiles look amazing as do your tangle musings. Those, to me, are the most fun as they were doing just what Zentangle is supposed to do, just relax and wander. Great art here!

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  2. I admit I don’t quite “get” Pokemon Go. I’m relying on my FItBit to keep me honest with my exercise. Like you, as a fairly frequent traveler, I love that Zentangle has made me embrace “down” time waiting for various forms of transportation. Do you have a specific purpose for your tangle mascot—other than being a tangle mascot? Your class looks like it was a success. I might have to “borrow” the “word” idea.

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    1. I like my FitBit too, but I get a little bored sometimes and need some extra motivation, especially on days like today when it topped out at 106! (Mike likes to say “it’s a dry heat”)


  3. I like your musings, especially the Nzeppel with dots. Might have to borrow that idea, if that’s OK. The class work looks great, again, may find itself a place over here. I don’t get the Pokemon thing either, but my daughter was doing it when we were out one day and all sorts of complete strangers were coming up to her and telling her where she could find stuff. It does get people talking anf that can’t be bad.

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