Blue Skye

This week’s Diva Challenge (#270) is using Margaret Bremner, CZT’s new tangle Skye. I have admired this tangle since she first introduced it, but I am a bit intimidated by it, so I have not tried it, until today.

I generally do not have to practice tangles…I can see them once in step outs and just do them…this was not the case here! I had to practice this one…more than once…I was vexed!


And it took me the better part of a few hours to get through them…I worked through this on both sides!

But, I got through it, as you can see with the white one on the left, and finally got up the courage to grab one of my Twinking H2O tiles that I painted at TangleU. I love what Margaret does with the monochrome colors she uses, so I decided to give that a whirl. I used a Stabilo Fineliner in blue, for the first time, gold Gelly Roll, and General’s Chalk Pastel in Indigo.


Just as an FYI…the Stabilo bled when I sprayed it with my usual fixative. Fortunately, I like the effect and the lines stayed ok. Lessons learned! (By the way…I spray most everything because I lot of my work gets handled a lot…when I teach and such…)

Had a fun class with 2 of my regular students last Saturday, where we explored some single element tangles on Bijou tiles. I think we did some pretty neat work!


And…I have a 3-Part class coming up on preparing backgrounds and tangling on larger formats, and here is a sample of what we will be doing.


10 x 10 inch watercolor paper…was playing around with Color Bursts by Ken Oliver. The paper is actually much whiter than it photographed…not sure what is up with that!

Lots of fun things on the schedule in June, be sure to check it out!

Have a Crazy Art Filled Week!

14 thoughts on “Blue Skye

  1. Super Skye. Some tangles just make us think a bit more. Even Margaret didn’t get what she wanted the first try. I love the last piece. those colors are yummy and I love the exploding Mooka!

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  2. I love what you finally came up with for your Skye tile. It is a real piece of art! I was so intimidated by this one, but I still think it is a wonderful tangle that is worth spending the time to master. I managed to eke out a tile, but I’d hesitate to use the term “master” to describe my proficiency (or lack thereof) with it. I’m also very impressed by the work you’re doing with your classes. What type of fixative do you use? I was thinking that I need to start using something to keep my tiles from smudging.

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  3. Gorgeous work! Your “Blue Skye” is really stunning. “Skye” is definitely a high focus pattern and requires much practice but the pay off is worth it. I love your big watercolor piece;-)

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  4. I think most people had to work on this tangle. I think that Margaret even indicated that she had to work on the step outs. I like your end result. The blue background is pretty cool.

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