Ellish and Adventure

Sorry for missing last week. I was off on vacation…and I did take things with me to do, but nothing got done. I’ve caught up, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this week’s Diva Challenge (#269) is the new official tangle, Ellish! I got to learn this one at TangleU, from Molly Hollibaugh herself, so that made it pretty special. It was one of the very few things I’ve finished from that trip (and I actually finished it in class!)


I do like this tangle, and if you alter the center shape, it can even be a “C”-ish. I’ve been working some other alternate shapes to make it conform to different letters, but they don’t look quite the same.

I also finished Diva Challenge #268 (A Bit ‘o Black) but was busy working on the schedule for June so I didn’t get it posted in time…but here it is!

Diva #268

I was on a bit of a Mooka roll, so I just went with it. I really like the look of black and white on the Renaissance Tan tiles.

I have been working pretty much non-stop since we got home, but the fruits of my labor is a really fun schedule coming up in June (July and August should be posted soon, too!) I have included some Zentangle for Kids sessions for the summer break. Those should be loads of fun!

And I’ll leave you with a teaser of what I did on vacation. While I was born in California, I grew up mostly in Arizona. And in my 54 years on this planet, I have NEVER been to the Grand Canyon…until now.


There are simply no words…but we loved every minute of it.


And…back to work for me!

18 thoughts on “Ellish and Adventure

  1. Lovely tiles, I like the white highlights. How special to have learnt it at Tangle U. You seem to have had a fantastic holiday too.

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  2. Nice Tangles. I like the black and white on the tan too. It gives a classic look.
    And I envy you your wonderful trip. The GC is something I’ve always wanted to see, and I am open to it still happening.


  3. I was in my 40’s before I finally made it to the Grand Canyon. As i walked up to the rim for the first time, I couldn’t stop exclaiming “Wow!” It was embarrassing. I could tell our then young teen sons were wanting to pretend we were not related. I really like the clean look of your Ellish on a Renaissance with the additional white. Ditto for your “Bit of Black” tile. I left my white pen in the seat back pocket of an airplane in February. You have inspired me to get myself to our local art supply store to replace it!.

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    1. We were the same way. We hiked the South Rim Trail, and it was intermittently overcast. The sun would shine on something else each time we rounded a corner, so we spent about 8 miles going…wow…wow…wow…


  4. Great tiles. I like white. You are one up on me, at least.. I have yet seen the Grand Canyon, other than in pictures. It is one of those things that I hope to see some time. I have flown over it but that is not the same.

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