Kicking Rocks

Here it is again…Saturday night, and I am just finishing up for a blog. I do have an honestly good reason this week.

I have been prepping all week for a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration in Lake Elsinore tomorrow. Making a few little trinkets to sell, and try to lure them into my den of Zentangle! (Pics will be up next week for that!)

But for this week’s Diva Challenge (#241). Guest Diva Paula Bramante, CZT prompted us with Stones and Ceremony. I can’t help but think of cairns, as that is what a lot of the pictures looked like…and my trip to the UK in 2008, where I stood on Hadrian’s Wall.

Picture 082

So that made me think of a recent trip as well, where I was obsessing with the tiles in the washrooms at the airport in Vancouver, and drew this in my sketchbook:


I thought to myself…self…that would make a great wall! And you have been dying to play with your new tinted charcoals (Derwent) and those would make great rocks!

Diva #241

I have to say, I am really rather impressed with this one!

I also finished another Tangle Island project this week. It will be a birthday card for someone who shall remain nameless with a birthday in early December. I will also send her a frame for it…so she can keep it forever!

Stamped Card

I have to finish getting ready now, but did you know you can shop at CharKat’s from the comfort of your own couch? I am still working on some pictures and descriptions in the store, but here is the link: CharKat’s Creative Insanity.

Namas’cray for now! (The crazy in me recognizes and honors the crazy in you!)

4 thoughts on “Kicking Rocks

  1. Namas Cray to you too! I love your stones entry. What a wonderful memory of standing on that ancient wall. I guess that’s the thing about stones themselves – they are all ancient! Your birthday card is amazing! What a lucky birthday recipient.

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  2. I love your challenge tile and the pattern that you used for the Hadrian’s Wall was perfect for it. How wonderful that you have been able to travel like that! The stones look great and look like they are balanced beautifully as well. I also like the sky treatment you used and it looks like wispy clouds floating by. All in all, beautifully done! I LOVE your greeting and feel akin to that too, so Namas’cray to you as well. Hugs!

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