So…on my day planner, it says to post a blog on Tuesday. Today is Friday! Have you ever had one of those weeks where you constantly felt like you were behind? That has been this week for me. I seem to be racing from one place to the next, and seem to have no time to sit down to tangle. And I really NEED to tangle. It keeps me sane.

This week’s Diva Challenge (#240) is all about Fall. I love Fall. I love the colors, I love that the weather is cooling off (sometimes…not in Southern California that much), and I can eat soup without sweating to death (most of the time.) When I was in Vancouver last month, some of the trees were already beginning to change.


We don’t get that here. They just kind of turn brown and fall off. Green…or Brown…that is all. So I had to make up my own Fall Colors, using the new Tints on Tan – Fall Edition I got in the mail a few weeks ago. I used a lot of creative license on this, with a different leaf, smaller tangles, and a Zendala tile. But I think it tuned out ok!

Diva #241

Speaking of Fall, we have a new class coming up at the shop on November 9th. Teri, who is a Wilton Certified Teacher, is going to show us how to decorate Fall cookies! Check out the details below:

Cookie Flyer

It looks like fun! Call Teri on the number listed to register.

I’ve been getting some other things finished this week. Had a lovely Zentangle 101 Class this week and we tried our hand at N’zepple. When in doubt, add grout! Gold grout is even better.

N'zepple Class

I also got in some practice time with my alcohol inks. Getting some Christmas items ready for boutiques and holiday sales! Check out this pretty tile:

Tile Poppy

And this cool glass ornament:

Glass Ornament

If you are looking to stay “in the know” for all things happening at CharKat’s Creative Insanity, be sure to join our MeetUp group (Zentangle in Wine Country).

Stay Crazy My Friends!

5 thoughts on “Falling…Behind.

  1. Many tanglers participating in this week’s challenge referenced Tints on Tan. I’m not even sure what that is, but that’s why they invented Google, so I’ll check it out. I really like the tiles people have produced using it, including yours.

    You asked if we’ve every had “one” of those weeks when you feel constantly behind. In my case, it’s more like “years” when I’ve felt constantly behind. I suspect my tangle addiction might actually add to the behindedness (new word?), but it also makes me worry about it less. Maybe someday I’ll sit down and think about the cost benefit ratio—–nah. 😉

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    1. Behindedness…I am going to add that to my vocabulary today. I have felt like this since the middle of May actually. When I decided to open the shop, I have never felt like I could relax in any way anymore. My “want to tangle” became my “have to tangle” and the two do not cross readily. Tints on Tan were an invention of Marty Deckle and Jenni Perruzzi. It is a method of shading and highlighting on tan tiles that works out really famously, and I have learned a lot from it!


  2. I have those weeks too but I don’t care. Those colours on your tile are truly lovely. I like the natural/subtle look, as a contrast to the vivid autumn leaves we see all around us here in the UK. Very nicely drawn.

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  3. I have felt the same way all month – something about the fall that just leaves me feeling breathless and behind! I really like your creative license on the Tints on Tan tile, and you’ve inspired with the grout in your N’Zepple. Great effect.

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