It’s Not Amazing…It’s a Labyrinth!

Wow! I never post this early. I killed a tree trying to figure this out before I put it to tile. Because of the complexity of trying to get it right on a small scale, I decided to keep the design simple, with no shading. Just the 3 pens you see in the picture.

Edit to original post…I just realized where I had experienced a labyrinth before! There is a church in San Francisco called Grace Cathedral that has one on the floor. I was fascinated by it (and by the ribbon art installation hanging over it.) Here is a pic I took there…the colors on the labyrinth are from both the stained glass and the ribbons dancing in the light.
Also have some Pretties to share from what I learned at TangleU. I will start with my overly large rendition of Sharla Hicks’ class of Mooka Blues. This is on 6 x 8 Kona Paper, with blue Micron, blue and white General’s Chalk Pastels, and a Gelly Roll Glitter Pen (which sadly did not scan as pretty as it is in person.)

And this tile is from the actual class:

We did a Swap at TangleU, based on tiles painted in the Talavera style. I did a couple renditions of this one (had to make one to keep for myself!) Tombow Monotwin Marker and Tombow Brush Markers.

Ok…back to the last push on homework…T-18 days till graduation!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

13 thoughts on “It’s Not Amazing…It’s a Labyrinth!

  1. I felt I killed the tree's I celebrated in the Amanda Day challenge trying to “perfect” the labyrinth. Saving the not so great ones for future tiles… All these pieces are gorgeous


  2. I love your labyrinth! It really is stunning. And, wow, Mooka Blues? I never would have thought of that, and you did such a beautiful job! Why am I so color-phobic? Glad you aren't!


  3. Your labyrinth is amazing! I was just going to stop there and scroll to the comments, but stopped cold in my scroll when I saw your other work. It is absolutely stunning! I love the softness of the blues on the Kona and on the tan tile and the swap tile is beautifully bright. Absolutely stunning. Good luck on the last of the homework 😉


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