Happy Amanda Day!

Ok…so Diva’s son thought the Earth needed a name, and he named it Amanda. I think its adorable.

And this is my 2nd year Amanda Day Challenge! I could not decide on just one thing that celebrated my love of nature and our beloved Amanda, so I did a few…Earthy Themes…

The first one, I call Under the Sea. I love water. This is Strathmore Artigain paper, in a greenish tint. Tombow brush pen and Tombow Marker (and Glitter Gelly Roll…of course.)

I liked that one so much, I decided to try it again on a white tile…
And lastly, this paper/tile was made out of recycled tea bags (reduce-reuse-recycle!) and is rather representational of the week I just spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico for TangleU!
So, be nice to Amanda!
(Countdown to graduation is T-21!)
Stay Crazy My Friends!

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