Post St. Paddy’s Day Fallout…

Happy Belated St. Patricks Day!

This week’s Diva Challenge (#209) was to “Make it Green.” I am currently experimenting with various colored liquids (coffee, tea, wine) and stencils to pre-dye tiles and use the stencils for my string, so I decided to try one of my green tea applications and Jenny Perruzzi’s  Zencils stencils (get them on Can’t tell you my methodology yet, working it up for a class…shhh…top secret.

The whole tile is done in Gelly Roll pen this time. I laid down the metallic green first, and discovered my trusty Micron didn’t like it, so I broke out the black Gelly…and ta-da…it worked great. tried to shade with a Tombow and blender, but that smeared a little, so went with General’s Chalk Pastel Pencils instead.

Off to prep some more tiles!

Oh, and study for an Exercise Physiology test…

Stay Crazy My Friends!

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