Ahhh…Time to Tangle Today!

I’ve been a bit hard pressed to find much time to tangle lately, but I seem to have been pretty productive anyway…

So this week’s Diva Challenge (#208) is Duotangle: Cubine vs. Pokeroot. Now…I have not ever done any Pokeroot before, so this was my maiden voyage with that tangle. I also made a trip to Artist & Craftsman Supply over the weekend and acquired a set of Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens, so I was dying to try them out. Unfortunately, the fluorescent colors did not scan as bright as they look in person….oh well…

Last week, I didn’t get #207 finished in time, but here it is now: Use My Tangle (UMT) Unbatz by Sandy Hunter. Got a little Narwal in there, and I don’t know what the heck the other thing is. I actually used a string from TanglePatterns.com for this (#146) and it is a bit strange….lol…like me I guess.

Only one new card to show off…had to wait till today so the birthday didn’t get spoiled.
That’s all for today!
Stay Crazy My Friends!

9 thoughts on “Ahhh…Time to Tangle Today!

  1. I love both tiles too and you have inspired me to use my gelly roll pens! I think your Ubatz is gorgeous too i think the tan and black look great together. I could see your version of Ubatz making a great textile design too.


  2. I love the duotangle on the black Zendala tile. It has a mystical feel to it. Your Unbatz tile is excellent, and whatever the “unknown” thing is, it looks great! Nice and very creative card, too. I love any kind of cut-out, pop-up style stuff. You had a good week!


  3. Nice work on the black Zendala with the Moonlight pens. I have a set but have only used them one time. I used them on a Christmas card. They were fun to use. I like the frosted effect. Not sure if this is the pens or the scan.


  4. I love the work with the moonlight pens, I know what you mean though…in real life they ARE florescent. So pretty this way too though! And your other work is great as well…love the coloration on #207. AND of course i always enjoy seeing people do the practical with their artwork in the way of a greeting card. I still send them too.


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