Diva #172…and a taste of CZT 14!


We got home from Providence late last night, and I had to meet with my Quilts of Valor group this morning since I missed the last meeting while I was on holiday. That being said, I still need to do my Spanish homework and decompress a little before I can get much on the blog.

While I was at the CZT course, we learned Auraknot, so I tossed some Mooka’s on it and called it a Diva!

I promise to post much more about CZT next week. It was such an overwhelming experience, and I met a plethora of totally cool people (and even got help with my Spanish from Anna and Maria!)

Here’s a little tidbit…Flyboy went with me, so we got our picture with Rick and Maria in the ultra cool Zentangle Frame.

15 thoughts on “Diva #172…and a taste of CZT 14!

  1. I love the angularity of your Mookas, and AuraKnot, all set off with some terrific shading. Beautiful. Looking forward to your CZT experience report. That is so cool, that you met Rick, Maria, and a lot of fresh, brand new, CZT's. The ranks of the CZT's have just taken another major leap up in ranks. Congratulations.


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