Diva #168 – Making it Rain


And on a brighter note than that, while they did close the campus and cancel graduation (which was rescheduled to this weekend,) everything is back open and semi to normal this week. Camp Pendleton saw more than 21,000 acres burned (that’s 18% of the base) and there were quite a few homes lost in this round of fires. The sad part was that some of them were man-made.

Because I was so stressed out about finals last week, I didn’t tangle (boy, should I have) all week. I’m back on my game now, with Laura’s challenge this week of Rain. (I wished for Rain all last week, and here it is finally!) I wanted to try out the Zenstone wash on a black tile, so this seemed like a good opportunity.

I don’t know about you, but I really like it. I put down a cloudy wash of Zenstone, then tangled over it with black Gelly Roll pen. The color spots are General’s Chalk Pastels. 
I also did a little tangling over the weekend trying out some map paper I have. I have been using it as wrapping paper, but I wanted to see if it would bleed through at all with a Micron. It didn’t bleed at all. These are air route maps the airline pilots used to get before everything went digital, and I have a stack of them. I didn’t completely tangle this one, but you get the idea. (and Laura, if you see this, that’s Canadian air space!)
Still decompressing from finals, so I will be more active in the coming weeks. Only one class for me over the summer, Spanish 102, and of course, in less than a month now, CZT!

17 thoughts on “Diva #168 – Making it Rain

  1. I like yout rain tile. This new technique with the zenstone gives fabulous occasions to use black pen and colour on the black tiles in a new way.


  2. I also like what you did in the spaces between the rows of rain.
    I have some writing paper from old topgraphic maps, will have to dig out a sheet and tangle on it. Thanks for the idea.


  3. I love your black tile! The wash, the use of negative space, the balance and movement. However, as a mixed-media fanatic I have to say I LOVE the tangled map. I am always trying out tangling with different media on interesting surfaces. The maps are interesting to begin with but are beautiful when tangled. I'm so glad I came across your work!


  4. I love your Rain tile. And thank you so much for explaining what you used. I'm still fairly new to this and don't have a CZT in my area, so I'm teaching myself from what I find online. People who explain really give me more options.

    I love the map paper idea, too. It looks cool.


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