I know…cryptic, eh?

This week’s Diva Challenge (#328) is a Use My Tangle (UMT) by Suzanne Fluhr (CZT and Guest Diva Blogger) for her tangle, Aloha. Suzanne writes a travel blog I really enjoy reading called Boomeresque. Mike and I had the honor of meeting her, and the infamous Mr. Excitement, when they were in San Diego for a cruise earlier this year. We had dinner and did some walking…topping it off with ice cream. What could be more fun?

I dig this tangle. I have done it several times now…

It is fun and bold and graphic. It makes a great border, string, or if you make it big enough, you can even tangle inside it.

So I wanted to do it a little bigger, and on one of my alcohol ink mono prints that reminded me of Hawaii. It is, after all, called Aloha!

Diva # 328

So…you may notice the other tangle I used here. Yes, it is new. AND…it is my VERY FIRST tangle. I call it Abukas, and it is influenced by Lynn Mead’s tangle Abeko and the original Zentangle® tangle Arukas. I rather stumbled on to it while I was working on some smaller Bijou tiles for a project I am working on.


I thought to myself….self….you should do a step out for this and see how it comes out. So, here it is for all you to try, too! I like how art deco it looks, and I think it has a lot of potential.


I have had some grand fun playing around with it, and I know a few others have tried it as well.

Speaking of those little Bijou tiles…here are some more of them.

I love doing these little things. It really helps me stretch my creative juices without a lot of sit down time. While I love to tackle larger projects, I think it makes it more fun to break it up into chunks, like we can do with an Opus tile.

I tend to lose my motivation when faced with finishing one of the really big things, like this mandala. It actually sat on my easel for just over a year! Finally took some Inktense Pencils to it, blacked in a bunch for consistency, and attacked it with a gold pen. Yes, that is a pen.

Big Mandala.jpg

Imagine the relief when that was finished. (It is 20 inches across!)

I am prepping some wool appliqué to keep me busy during a couple of flights next week, so I had best get back to it.

Have a Wonderful Week! Aloha!

22 thoughts on “Aloha…Abukas!

  1. Love the Aloha-Abukas combo. As you might have seen on my blog, I think Aloha compliments tangles in the round. I’m in an organic tangles phase, so Abukas is definitely being added to my repertoire. PS: I have fond memories of our meet up in San Diego. Next time I want to make it up to Temecula to sit and tangle in your studio, take a class and try out your products. I wish it were closer.

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  2. Once again, thank you for a post full of creativity and inspiration! I LOVE that Abukas-Aloha combo. Abeko and Arukas are two of my faves so this tangleation is right up my alley and will be going into my journal forthwith;-)

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  3. That gem is quite the piece. Was it melting? Like the combination of Aloha and Abukas. They compliment each other well. I still have not set up an Evernote account, contrary to my sister’s urging. I need to do something as it is easy for me to forge about tangles that I want to use more. There are so many now.

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