Winging It

I spend a lot of my art time doing things in prep. I have been straightening up the studio, both at home and the shop. I have been diligently keeping up with an online journalling class, calligraphy project class, and a watercolor journaling class. I watch a lot of paint (and ink) dry.

A lot of what I do is pretty experimental for me. I spend a lot of time “winging it.” I try new tangles, especially from Zentangle HQ. Some I take to pretty well…some I put off because they intimidate me. Drawings is one of the ones I took to pretty well. You may remember when I demonstrated it for my Tangle Journal class, it came to life!


I was happy to see that pop up on this weeks Diva Challenge (#299). But, I have used this quite a bit, in different forms…


So I wanted to try at least a different color for this one. As luck would have it, I discovered I have an overabundance of Renaissance Tan tiles at home. This could be partially to my aversion to them (I have seriously oily skin and tend to stain them.) But…I decided to “wing it” and grabbed one. I am not entirely unhappy with the result.


Shaded with black and Van Dyke brown chalk pastels.

I have another “pen test” for you this week. I tangled a tile for the Square One group using a Pentel Hybrid Technica pen this week. I am pleased with the “blackness” and like the overall feel of the pen, but not so much on Zentangle tiles. The tiles are pretty soft, and the ball points on these tend to “dig in” a bit. I do,  however, find them useful for tangling on top of paints that normally clog the Micron tips. They come in several tip sizes (03, 04, 05, & 06.)  I tend to prefer the 04, it flows pretty well. We are using the 06 in my watercolor class. I see from the website they no longer offer the 08, which is good, because it skipped a lot.


And…last but not least, a “sneak peek” at the February special (February 11th) “Quill You Be My Valentine!”  Some quilling, accented by tangles.


The February schedule will be up in the next few days. We are adding a special class – Painting Medieval Boxed Capitals with Risa Gettler on the 2nd…perfect little Valentine gifts!


Aren’t those cool?

Make stuff to keep the crazies away! See ya later!


15 thoughts on “Winging It

  1. Your artwork is beautiful. Your quilled card is particularly intriguing. I had been struggling with drawing Drawing until I came across your page. Somehow I understood how to draw it better and more freely after seeing the first tile on this page. Thanks for that!

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  2. Hi CharKat…Your work here is very expressive and full of life. I like the different versions of Drawings that you did…seems you are really not afraid to experiment with the tangles. You and I have similarities…(ie: I am Retired Navy as Crypto Comms and before that, an Aviation Fire Control Tech and circuit board repair. Now I am counting the days until June when I will go to Providence for CZT training.

    Duane Anderson.

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