A Ghostly Squid

¡Feliz Dio de los Muertos!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. We refer to it as “Birthday Eve” for the man of the house, and due to a distinct lack of trick or treaters the past few years, we decided to make it Date Night with Dinner and a Movie. We found out that Yard House has all day Happy Hour on Mondays during football season, so we had cheap appetizers and beer, and went to see Inferno, the new Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon movie. It was pretty good…and we got to relive our recent trip to Venice, too. (We have watched the end of Casino Royale a few times since we got back as well!)

Happy memories!

I feel like I was no where near as productive this week as I was last week, so not a lot to share. This week’s Diva Challenge (#291) was a Halloween special…so I broke out my new black journal I bought in Venice and tangled a ghostly looking Squid, al la Btl Joos (by Sandy Bartholomew Steen.) I am still trying to make friends with working on black. I love the look but I just do not feel like the pen works that well for me some days.


Had a lovely make up class for the Summer Tans (Tints on Tan Technique) last week, and the practice pieces came out lovely.


I think all three of us did a spectacular job, and I can’t wait to see the finished larger pieces.

I am still working on my Christmas card, and working on “the purge” at both the shop and the house studios. I keep misplacing things…it creeps me out a little, and I know I have bitten off more than I can more than likely finish in this lifetime unless I really stop goofing off so much!

I think I am going to print this out as a reminder to do more art:


Keeping it short and sweet this week!

Stay Crazy My Friends.

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