Ok…I am spent. But its been a great week so far. It did involve a trip to San Diego, with a Poke-Walk through Balboa Park

And for a little history lesson…those beautiful buildings were put up for the 1915-1916 World’s Fair. I know by European standards, they are practically new, but for California standards, they are quite amazing! They are in use and beautifully maintained, and the park is really beautiful.

And finished off the day with some oysters at Beerfish (that place is amazing, too!)


But, I digress from what brings you here! This week’s Diva Challenge (#279) was a Duotangle featuring Meer and Auraknot. It did take me a couple of days to get my head wrapped around this, because I could only see it the same way I think everyone else saw it…but you know me, I had to be different. So I grabbed a dyed tile, and my compass (gasp!) and put in the basic flowers shape. I thought I would monochrome it, but it was looking really bland, so I went back in with the black Micron and finished it. Shaded with a chalk pastel.

Diva #279

Not quite as exciting as I had hoped for, but hey, sometimes things don’t work out like you want them to.

I also finished this gem this week…watercolor and Twinkling H2O background using  the plastic wrap technique…I was playing with shading using Prismacolor Premier pencils, and not entirely sure I would do that again…but I do like how it turned out.

Blue Roses

That’s all for now, I need to jump in the shower and go shopping…groceries need to be acquired!

Stay Crazy My Friends…and Catch them all!

(Actual step counts from last week are unavailable, but the FitBit is back and another 2 pounds is gone.)

8 thoughts on “Merely…Auraknot?

  1. Love your diva tile especially. Such a wonderful design and that colour is amazing! Your painting is beautiful too. Sounds like you had a great time in San Diego…my mother-in-law lived close to San Diego years ago, but we didn’t get down there as much as I would have liked to. She was in Escondido and when we went down, it was straight through San Diego and on to Ensenada to her vacation home for fishing. Looks like a great time and the pictures are fabulous!

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  2. Lovely work! That Auraknot is really great. The blue watercolor is truly outstanding. I love it. I was just in San Diego last month for a 4th of July holiday. I used to live just outside Balboa park (Hillcrest area) when I was going to San Diego State. Love that park;-)

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  3. I really, really LOVE this Auraknot/Meer combination – so different, such a beautiful colour! Who would have thought of Auraknot as a border? It really works!

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