A Crux of Good Intentions

Good intentions go a long way sometimes. I intended to post a blog last week from TangleU in Portland, Maine, but just got further and further behind while learning some amazing new things.

But, so you don’t feel slighted, here is my Diva Challenge (#265) for Stripes. The string is all stripes, so I tried to fit as many border style tangles as I could think of…and even some that weren’t borders to begin with!

Diva #265

And…of course, on to this week’s Diva Challenge (#266) with a UMT (Use My Tangle) of Crux. This version is by Henrike Bratz. There is another tangle of the same name out in tangle-land…but this is the one Diva posted this week.

This is on watercolor paper, using one of the tiles I created in a class at TangleU. Twinkling H2O’s sure make it sparkle, but I’m not sure how much of that translates into the scan. It looks kinda creepy here…

Diva #266

Maybe its a giant green squid, I dunno…in person it really looks like it is levitating above the paper.

Speaking of TangleU, I had a great time. I did vend this year, with my Tangle Me Crazy T-Shirts, Fabrico Markers, and Pentel Gel Rollers. (All of which you can purchase here.)


I learned a lot, and made a few cool books in Cherryl Moote’s class with the help of my friend, Hello Kitty!


I also got to hang out with my friends Nancy Dawes and Sheila Jarvie, which is ALWAYS fun…and our men hung out together while we were in class!


I haven’t finished many things from the classes yet, but here are a couple…And I am not sure this first one is really finished, I may add some more tangling. Primsacolor Premier pencil on Mi-tienes paper.


And the Zero Drawing Technique, tangled and watercolored with Peerless Watercolors.


And, my lone tile…done with Molly Hollibaugh’s direction.


I tangled this hat from Ann Grasso Pattern Art. I am going to do some more on the rest of the hat as soon as I find that head that is hanging around here somewhere….on the back, it says “CREATIVE.”


No trip to Maine would be complete without a little lobster…I think these guys were subject to some extreme torture, and this is all that is left…


Busy weeks ahead, make sure to check out the schedule for some great classes this month.

Stay Crazy My Friends!

7 thoughts on “A Crux of Good Intentions

  1. I love all your tiles! Very nice Stripes, and I like the idea of your Crux tile. Too bad the scanners don’t pick up the sparkle. Darn. I found that taking a picture works better sometimes. At least you got caught up! Lucky you to go back to Maine. Maybe someday for me. But I love love love what you did there. I particularly like the star mandala. And you live in California, I see. Too bad Temecula is so far away from Sonoma County. But I love seeing what you do! Thanks for posting this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love all your work this week – especially the green squid thing! Glad you had fun in Maine, and wish I could have been there. I always look forward to the fun things you do with Zentangle!

    Liked by 1 person

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