Have you ever felt haunted by your past? I think our past is a part of our journey in life, and shapes us into the people we become. You can either learn from it and grow from it, or let it drag you down. This week, Diva (challenge #255) asked us to revisit a tile/tangle from our past, to see how we have grown. I have only been tangling about 3 years, but I have everything I did in my first year in a book, to show my students MY learning process. While I did have a smallish art background, I like them to see how much I have learned and what practicing has done to my art. For this quest, I went back to my very first tile, pre-class with a CZT, learning out of One Zentangle a Day.

First One May 2013

That first one was done on card stock from my limited scrapbooking stash. I never realized how small I worked until I tried to re-do it! (I think this is a trend I’ve noticed with most of the CZT’s that  have posted…all our early work was tiny, and now it is much bigger!)

So here is the “new” version. See the style I have developed into!

Diva #255

And to bring up another ghost, I didn’t get this finished in time for Diva #252: Using a Tangle as a String. I used a giant Cadent.

Diva #252


Pretty things have been made at the shop this week! We had an awesome group for a Zentangle 101 class, and I threw in a little Valentine, too. What prodigies!


And on Saturday, we made Valentine cards and frames, based on Joanne Fink’s Zendangles. Here are the ones I did:



And my Valentangle for Diva #254 that I couldn’t post because it was Mike’s present!

Diva #254

And a thank you card for Mike’s mom, who has been bestowing her stash of all her calligraphy and card making supplies. My faux calligraphy skills still need some work!


I am working on the schedule for March, and it should be fun! I should have it posted by the end of the week.

Found and Tangled Poetry, the Irish Poets Edition in time for St. Patrick’s Day. And some exploration of Celtic Knots and Tangles. (This is just an ATC I did with some ColorBursts…pretty backgrounds!)

Green ColorBurst ATC

Tangle Journals, from January, will make a repeat appearance. This will be an ongoing class, you can join in any time, or whatever you like. First time attendees will need to buy the Journal Kit, returning students can buy refills if they need them. Every other month we will explore a new set of tangles.

And I will add a Sunday afternoon Alcohol Ink class, working on ceramics. They make lovely decorations and gifts. I finished this one today.

Pink Plate

Whew…I didn’t realize I had done so much work this week! (I guess it was really 2 weeks, since I didn’t post anything last week.)

Namas’ cray my friends…stay crazy and make stuff!



6 thoughts on “Ghosts…

  1. Wow what an amazing amount of art you have produced and all so lovely I don’t know where to start. I will just go back to your Diva response to say you can definitely see the difference. I agree with you my tangles were smaller too and that is the difference I have seen through a lot of first tiles.

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  2. So very much accomplished in the last couple of weeks….absolutely wonderful, all of them. But your challenge piece is amazing because it shows just how far your skills have come. You have developed such a wonderful bold style and your shading simply shows it off. I have been following your blog since you started and I have always admired the work you have done and now with your own store and such confidence in your work….well, it just shows!

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