The Giving Season

Whew…pardon my absence…it has been a hectic last couple of weeks.

I have managed to get the January schedule up, so classes are posted. Changing a few things up, so check it out!


I did miss Diva #247, but I will go back and make it up this week, like I usually do. I started on #167, and have not missed one, but they have occasionally been late.

I did, however, kill two birds this week with Diva #248. I needed a gift for my brother and sister-in-law, and they really don’t want anything, so I made them a cool dreamcatcher. I am framing it tonite, and will have it in the mail on Tuesday. Better late than never, the Gift of Zentangle! It is about 8 x 10, on Charcoal paper. Microns, Silver Gelly Roll, and Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

Diva #248.jpg


I have not been completely slacking this past 2 weeks. I did this neat mandala in my purse journal at church, week before last. It is a lot smaller than it looks…my journal is a 4 x 6.


And I also discovered that the Garage Brewing Co. has coasters with tangle spots! Left this one for the barkeep…(I guess that qualifies as the gift of Zentangle too!)


Oh, and last but not least, I hosted the San Diego/Temecula Zentangle Friendship Group at the shop for our December meeting. Pot luck, gift exchange (all tangly!), and we did Dorian Eng’s pretty ornament.



So the trees are up, the decorating is all done.  (Finally, Opus is back! I have had this for years!)


Between the shop and classes and the holiday season, I’ve been a bit wiped out. We’ve had our first Christmas party/celebration with the kids coming out from Texas, and getting together with friends and family for a nice meal and spending time with our grandson. This year, he is all about Batman. So Batman it was!



Having a chill out day today, but got a lot of business-y type stuff done. Still have some presents to wrap for 2nd Christmas (on the real day) and mail (they will be happy to get it, even if its late, I’m sure.)

And now, off to finish my framing, and draft the samples for upcoming classes!

Namas’cray my friends!

4 thoughts on “The Giving Season

  1. I wondered at first why you would frame what I thought was a mixed media piece that should dangle somewhere…Then I realized that wasn’t a real metal frame and thread, but drawn! Very nice! And obviously very 3D appearing! Nicely done!

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