Kumihimo is the 2000 year old Japanese art of rope making. Traditionally done on a wooden Marudai, it can be done on a portable foam loom as well. It is easy to learn, and has lots of applications for making awesome gifts. From simple to complex, size of threads and cords used, and beads added or not added, there are a million variations once you learn the basics.

If you would like to learn this meditative and useful art form, contact me to set up a session. Private and group lessons are available (in any of the formats below.)

Kumihimo Round Up *NEW*

From start to finish, all things Kumihimo. Start off with a basic 8 strand braid, then we will learn to incorporate beads, and finally a 4 strand braid to anchor a cool stone focal donut. You will also learn the best ways to finish your completed braids into beautiful wearable items. We will be taking a lunch break, so you can bring your lunch, or visit one of our awesome local eateries. Includes all materials and loom. $70



Kumihimo Series! 

Series of 4 evening classes that cover round, flat, beads, and complex braids. You will also learn finishing techniques for each style. $100 (includes all materials & looms)

Basic Kumihimo Braiding – Round

IMG_1085Everything you need to get started braiding. You will have more than enough materials for several projects, and should be able to complete a bracelet in class. I will cover the basic braid and finishing techniques in this class.



Basic Kumihimo Braiding – Flat

IMG_1511Learn the flat braid variation of Kumihimo. Everything you need to get started, the basic braid, how to vary the colors/patterns, and finishing techniques.


Advanced Kumihimo – Adding Beads in the Braid

IMG_0939Learn how to incorporate beads in the braid while you are working it.


Advanced Kumihimo – Complex Braids

IMG_0826Learn the basic hollow braid with ribbon and cord. Beautiful color variations! Bring your round loom (additional $5 starter kit.)

Advanced Kumihimo – Beyond the 8 Strand Cord ($40 includes Loom/Cords/Beads)

Go big with your kumihimo skills. Learn more variations with beyond the basic 8 strand design. Includes the bigger loom and pattern booklet.

Classes Available on Request.

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