I really am not very good at working on creative things under a deadline. Great ideas in my head rarely translate to the paper when I am rushed. But…I did it.

This week, I had the privilege of being included in the Cross Country Clearprint artist collaborative project. It is a pretty cool project taking place in a Clearprint Velum Journal, with artists from all over the US making art on this very unique paper. The rub for me was the one week time frame to come up with something and execute it. I used so many different techniques that I lost count, but I can tell you that the Metallic Gelly Roll pens work wonderfully on this, as do the iridescent Pan Pastels (with some matte fixative in between steps.

Diva #225 - ClearPrint Cross Country

It just so happened that I only have 3 colors of Pan Pastels, and this week, the Diva is on vacation…so guest blogger Jen Crutchfield put out the challenge to work in 2-3 colors….so I think this fits the bill for my Diva Challenge #225. (And there really are only 3 colors…besides the black, white, and gold I tangled with: blue, red, yellow.)

Been working hard at getting the studio/shop/classroom ready to open, but got to take some time last week to work on a project with the Girl Scouts (Troop #1124) up in Lake Elsinore. These are my dedicated Zentangle students, and we had a great time working in some neat little journals I made up for them. (Journals are from a kit from Classroom Direct, the interior design is by me.)

Tangle Journals Mosaic GS Troop 1124 Tangle Journals July 2015

And now, back to work. Trying to become the Queen of Social Media today with the advertising campaign for CharKat’s Creative Insanity.

I’m also putting together some cool paper samplers for the shop and my etsy store (which I started and never did anything with.) I’ve been cutting up paper and road testing it all for “tangle-ability” to see which ones come out the best. Stay tuned for that!

Stay Crazy My Friends…and hope to see some of  you on the 24th!

5 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. Sounds like you are very very busy….I have to ask if you are enjoying being in the work mode instead of doing school? When we get back to So Cal we will have to connect.

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    1. Being in work mode hasn’t really set in yet, because this time, I am really doing something fun. There is a stressful component to it, but for the most part, I am making it up as I go along. I look forward to your return!


  2. Hi Charlotte
    I was telling my boss Dru at primitive gatherings about your space. Could you email me with info on renting it out if we ever need space for a class?


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