How Do You Know When You Are Done?

The conversation used to go like this…

Whatcha doin?


How do you know when you are done?

So I figured it out today as well. I started the tile for this weeks’ Diva Challenge (#222) on Monday, and promptly got “art block.” The prompt was Colours of the Rainbow and I wanted to finish another of my already strung Zendala tiles from TangleU, and I really like color on black, so I grabbed that one. Now last week, I had no problem at all throwing all kinds of color in my tile. But this week, I was stumped! I did eventually get into it, and then I started thinking I needed to keep adding to it. But ya know what? It’s Done. Enough. I like it how it is and I think if I keep OCDing on it, it will detract. But…alas, the Stardust pens (the black light ones) don’t scan in their color that well, so this week I had to photograph it.

Diva #222

I worked some more with the alcohol inks this week. I can’t decide what was more fun…coupons at JoAnn for the inks or the trip to Home Depot for more tiles.


I bought a whole bunch of ornaments last Christmas, so I have a lot of raw materials for this. Here’s a little bit of what I did:


The dark stains on the 2nd side were from a failed attempt at a Pinterest find (Sharpies and alcohol…didn’t work, and didn’t come complete off. I think these are coming out pretty neat, so I’ll do a bunch more, maybe a class?

Speaking of classes, the schedule is up in the Class Schedule page. And even better news, the actual brick and mortar location for my very own classroom/art gathering space goes live on July 1st. The Grand Opening is tentatively scheduled for July 10th.  I am very excited, and more than a little scared! I’ll have loads more information next week, and hopefully more students!

I am already schedule to have the Girls Scouts from Troop 1124 again, and I planned a fun little project for them. We are going to start some Tangle Journals (which should give them some nice space to practice in!)



And last, but not least, Square One Focus on Flux this week! I love flux and all its variety!

Square One - Flux

Stay Crazy My Friends!

4 thoughts on “How Do You Know When You Are Done?

  1. Hey, it’s Maryhill! Your tile absolutely glows! It’s done when you say it’s done! (And occasionally for me a step or two before that 😉 your square one is great, nice contrast. Good luck with classes and all you got on your plate!

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  2. I see your tiles with the alcohol inks and cannot wait to try them. A few years ago I made glass ornaments with the inks. I love how they look on the tiles and then tangled over. What pen do you use on the tiles after you ink them? Congratulations and good luck on your new space.

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    1. I used the Permapaque and a Sakura Decorese in White. It makes really cool dots and was meant for nail art. They have them at, but they have been really hard to come by (sells out with a quickness!)


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