This is What Normal Looks Like…

So, this is the start of what a normal week is going to look like, I suppose. Still working out some logistics, waiting for my business license to come in the mail so I can open a business checking account. Just normal business stuff I guess.

This week’s Diva Challenge (#220) was a UMT (Use My Tangle) called All Boxed Up by Alice Hendon. I had not previously tried this one, so I decided to mono tangle it on another one of Caren Mlot’s pretty colored tiles. More straight lines this week…I seem to be getting a lot of practice in them lately!

Diva #220

This week’s theme in my studio is “Finish What You Started.” I am thinking that is going to be the theme for the next 6 months, as I probably have way too many projects going at once. I did finish this cool Flextangle that I started a week or so ago. I think it’s pretty nifty, and will probably offer it as a class later on.

Flex 4 Flex 2 Flex 1 Flex 3A

If you are feeling adventurous…you can get the template here. If you are going to tangle on it, I highly recommend you use a mixed media paper (I used the Canson XL Mixed Media, cut to 8.5×11 and printed on my inkjet.) I tangled with regular Micron (I used an 05 to speed things up a bit) and Irojiten colored pencils…and a little metallic Gelly Roll. (Gotta have some sparkle!) There are some tricks to getting the folds right…and getting the tabs to stick inside.  You can see it in action on this video (sorry, I haven’t gotten the hang of videoing myself yet.)

And…not to get left out, this weeks Square One focus tangle was Rain. “All I can say is that my Fife is pretty plain. I like watching the Punzel’s gather Rain.”

Square One - Rain

And it was quite fitting, as I was in Texas last week for my step-son’s wedding. And Rain it did! And thunder…and humidity…at least my hair was curly! And this little guy…was just the cutest thing ever! (yep…my step-grandson…)


So, on that note, I have to get back to work. Finishing up some logistics to teach at Wine Down Wednesdays in July at Sip & Paint Studio in Temecula. Details will be forthcoming!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

14 thoughts on “This is What Normal Looks Like…

  1. I like the way you broke up your All Boxed up monotangle. It really came out well. Your flextangles are awesome. Thanks for sharing where we can find instructions.

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  2. I love your Diva challenge tile ’cause…well, it looks like a pumped up, better version of the one I did! (I never look before I post) But this week, I must say the prize goes to your little grandson (#1), and a close second is that Flextangle!!!!! I just love it! Must try…


  3. Nice stacked tile. The color and the straight but not square lines at a nice variance. Like the Flextangles. I am planning a class using them sometime this summer. Going to do series of classes doing things with paper and shapes.

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  4. Great All Boxed Up Tile. Love the string and how you used the Challenge Pattern. Beautifully done. Your FlexTangle is awesome. Thanks for the Video. Your rain Tile is awesome, as is your Step-Grandson.

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  5. That “flextangle” looks like a lot of fun! Hoping to try one soon. Your UMT tile is beautiful! You do such nice work consistently! Good luck with your classes…I will be traveling North soon or I would take your class in Temecula…can’t wait to hear more!

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