One Door Closes…Another One Opens

It’s been a hectic last couple of weeks at Casa Fortanas and the home of CharKat’s Creative Insanity.

I guess the first thing you will notice is that I have a new domain and blog. I’m very excited to have my own name…I feel like I have arrived!

Next, I am DONE with school. I graduated last Sunday, and I could not be more at peace with myself. And now on to bigger and better things. As soon as I secure some space, I will be offering classes (yay) and I am thinking they may be small and in my home studio for a while until that happens. I have busy as a beaver this week, getting a tax ID, business license, fictitious name thing, etc…long and arduous process!

In the mean time, here is your weekly Diva Challenge update. This week, the prompt was White on Black or Found. In the interest of time, I picked a black tile. Very not my favorite thing. I struggle with the white pen on occasion, but this time it seemed to flow pretty well. I am pleased.

Diva #218

Let’s do a little Diva Catch Up while we are at it…This was #213, which had the prompt to Trace an Object. I did this tracing right before I went to TangleU in Santa Fe, and it was actually a pair of scissors in my kitchen. This was pretty organic after being in New Mexico and taking a cool class on making offrendas (offerings for day of the dead or Dia de los Muertos.) It is on some really cool Fabriano Medioevalis paper and colored with Gelly Roll Pens and Tombow markers.

Diva #213

Diave #216 was UMT: Brella by CZT Bunny Wright. Went a little plain on this…was trying out some new pen acquisitions…not a bad try…but something a little plain, nonetheless.

Diva #216

Have a few new Square One: Purely Zentangle (Facebook Group) to share, I thought they were neat…The top one is Zinger and the bottom one is Cubine.

Square One - Zinger Square One - Cubine

And…You know I could not graduate without decorating my cap!

Grad Cap

That’s all for now. Please stalk (er…follow) me here at the new place. I should be getting things more together soon!

Stay Crazy My Friends!

12 thoughts on “One Door Closes…Another One Opens

  1. There’s a lot of variety here and I like all of them in their different ways. The cap is just great and would have worked for the Diva Challenge too. I think a lot of us had a bit of a struggle with the white on black thing but it wouldn’t be a challenge at all if we didn’t struggle sometimes, would it?

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    1. I think the black is a good reminder to slow down sometimes. I get in a hurry on occasion, when I need to get something done quickly, and will revert to a fat, fast drying Tombow MonoTwin, but with the white Gelly Roll, I have to deliberately go slow and have a feather touch!


  2. Oh my gosh, congratulations on your graduation, your new blog, and your new business! Plus…I didn’t know you were in Temecula. One of my husband’s and my favorite places! We love to visit the wineries…’cause we kinda like to drink the stuff…
    That said, I love your black tile. Such a nice balance of angular and curved, dark and light. And I love the little three-dot things. Reminds me of the History Channel shows about UFOs! Love it. Your other tiles are all spectacular and unique each in their own way, and of course, the graduation cap is the most fun!

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  3. Congrats! I have been following your posts for some time now and I know this is a big thing for you! Wishing you the best of luck as you go forward with your new business. Wayne and I live in Colton and my chiropractor is in Temecula….so we head that way once in awhile. Your tiles this week are gorgeous and that mortarboard is a perfect thing to decorate….stunning!

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