Viva La Diva 200!


Did you miss me?

This is my 5th and final week of my school break. Boo! OK….so maybe not so boo, as this is my LAST SEMESTER. That’s right! I graduate in May!

Report card from the Fall semester – 6 classes, 6 A’s! So while I was absent from the online Zentangle world, I did very well at putting my nose to the grindstone and getting a lot done.

We spent a lot of the holiday break traveling. We went to Florida for my sister-in-law Marie’s celebration of life (cancer sucks) and we went skiing/snowboarding before Christmas (you truly cannot teach this old dog new tricks, I am going to stick to skiing after taking a whole day of snowboard lessons.)

Last week, we went to Texas to see the kids (and my cutie patootie grandson.)

So, in my last and final week of distressing, I could not help but be a part of The Diva’s 200th challenge. The prompt: use your mac ‘n cheese tangle as a mono tangle, take it all the way off the paper, and include the “200” on it. I had worked on Zendala tiles earlier in the week (pics below too) so I decided to go with the Renaissance Tan Zendala and my favorite tangle, Fengle.

This one took me a little while longer than usual, but I am surely pleased with the results.
And you may ask, why Fengle? Well, long before I even knew what Zentangle was, I got this tattoo…

And at the time, the only thing it stood for was my Arizona way of life, ala Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (aka The Refreshments.) But now, I add its meaning of reminding me every day the Zen of my tangled life.

Oh, and before I forget, had a great get together with my Zentangle pals in San Diego this week. Shout out to Janet Masey (Tiki Tangles) for hosting, and Suzanne Wilka (Tinkered Art) for arranging to lead us through this ultra cool Zendala Tile box by Dorian Eng (Little Bit of Heart).

And…I think we are caught up for now. I have a lot of tangling to do to get caught back up with all the Diva Challenges I missed, so I set a goal to be caught up by the end of January, and then I am going to go back and start at #1 (I joined in at #161) and proceed throughout the year.

I should have some classes listed pretty soon, but I need to find a venue, and see what my school load is going to be like first.

Stay Crazy My Friends!

8 thoughts on “Viva La Diva 200!

  1. Yes, CharKat, you have been missed. Great to hear from you. Congratulations on your school achievements, and pending graduation. Excellent work, just like your Fengel Tile. Beautiful design. Love the color and shading. Seeing the “Viva La Diva” really made me smile. The Zendala Tile Box is awesome. A beautiful post.


  2. Congrats on the grades! Love the Fengle (as always!) You beat me to the boxes! I recently saw the video and I must try them…. Looks really cool! (by the way, you are learning new tricks…maybe if you were graded on the snowboarding???) Take care!


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